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Hi, I'm Sandi--a Grandmother who has re-found her passion for dolls and miniatures.

Playing with my granddaughter has been so much fun. In 2015, my husband and I built from scratch a dollhouse for the Grand to play with her Barbies and super girl dolls. She was only 3---but her pretend play was very imaginative and involved.


Here is the house, not completely finished, but
I documented the planning, building, materials, mistakes 
and all the furnishings on my 

If you are a doll do-it-yourselfer or a once in a while crafter, 
you might enjoy some of these projects for this house. Here are the basic posts:

DIY Barbie House Week 5 Stairs and Moldings
DIY Barbie House Week 5 Final Lighting
DIY Barbie House Moving in with Vintage Furnishings

Having made or purchased OLD thrift store finds for 90% of the NEW Barbie house, when it was completed, I was sad, that we had no house to play with here.
 I had purchased a few 'rescue' Barbie's for testing the furnishings
and the physical setup of the house we had built.
Well, then I stumbled across this for $4.99 at a GoodWill, and it has been downhill ever since.


The OLD Victorian Mansion from the early 1990's in peach, green, and pink. Actually easier to look at then the hot pink monstrosities that are in vogue now, but still yellowed here and there and faded.


It has great details...but already my remodeling eye was twitching for a REDO.


By extending the left side, we could have half again the floor space, 
and maybe have an eat-in kitchen.  
A real bathroom and closet, if we can only find another toilet?


I had OLD furniture left over from the other house, but no toilet.
 I ordered and inexpensive online kitchen in turquoise green.
 When the Grand was here, we played and played and played. Meanwhile, Grandma made plans for a REDO which would still be playable and sturdy for a growing girl. Here are some basic posts on working on this Victorian mansion.



My kids called, "Gramma do you want this? It has a toilet, that flushes, everything works. Only $7.99 at GoodWill." They had been told to keep their eyes peeled for a toilet.

Hmm that PINK though, ugh! a little paint, and some alterations---hook it up to the Victorian and we will have a 'Real' Mansion, perfect for the growing doll collection.


Suddenly we had room for all the dolls we could want. More rescues appeared, and I discovered articulated Barbies, Kens, and 'others'. Since I was a child of the 1950's, I found the old dolls difficult to dress for 4 year old fingers as well as 69 year old fingers.
The new dolls were much easier for the Grand to dress and undress. 
"And, they can climb mountains too now, Gramma!" (Actually the pillows on the extra bed in this room).


Grandma had decorated the Grand's NEW dollhouse for her little girl tastes and abilities. 
Now it was my turn, but still make it playable. Everything has been designed 'safe' and unbreakable and certainly not priceless, no $100.00 wooden credenzas in here. 


I posted some DIY how-to's.

I did tutorials on REDO furnishings, as I work my way through the remodel of the combined dollhouses.


Here's the new second floor and the post, about a year ago.


Built bunkbeds, improvised furnishings. The object is to live in this house, like a real house, even with problems, like one bathroom. I purchased the white bunkbeds--with Chelsea (9") that is what the Grand named her. 


Upstairs, we made closets, and like real life there's never enough closets. 


Meanwhile, the doll gang took on personalities, lifestyles, and back stories.
 I will introduce them as we go along.


Here's Chelsea, sister of the quintessinal blonde Barbie, with her puppy in her own room on the second floor of the townhouse.
In the house, characters and relationships refined, and new friends were added. 


Furnishings were improvised, found as is, scrounged, rebuilt, and rearranged. 
Floors were connected and tiled with tile contact paper.


More clothes  were added and so forth. I have a huge stash now--
the ones out are the ones easiest to put on and off.
Each time I went thrift shopping I found furnishings and/or clothes 
which needed rescuing and our collection quickly grew, so quickly....

We created Vickie's Vintage (doll clothes and accessories) Boutique. Well, that's another post.

Eventually, I may even do some minis or and furnishings for my ETSY shop
 .Etsy-BarberryLaneBarberryLane currently carries antiques and seriously vintage from my family's collections, my own, and some craft supplies. 

Please come along for the ride here,  have some fun, bring out your inner child and


 Barbie:Old New Green Redo.

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  1. Oh girl, you needed another project and this one is right up your alley. We are all still kids at heart! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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