Baking Cakes and Cake Stands in Barbie Scale.

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It's no secret I work in 1:6 scale, often called  play scale which means 1 inch equals 6 inches in doll world.

Our WINDY CITY DOLL COLLECTORS CLUB celebrated their 30th birthday this year. This event was basically swallowed up by our hosting the National Barbie Doll Convention in July. We did have a lovely and delayed dinner party at convention, and it was the first time we could all be together since Covid started.

In celebration of our club's birthday, this December's meeting will be a holiday event and also a workshop for some 30th Birthday projects. Working on a limited budget and making something special...means working with easy to find materials.

What could be more fun than personalized than Birthday cakes...and a cute cake stand. While painting as a group activity is fun, this dimensional paint needs DAYS to set up properly. Since we are mailing out kits to our out-of-town members, I'm doing these way ahead of time.

I've used a pink, custom-mixed color of Puffy Fabric paint after totally cleaning all the caps with alcohol to get some good adhesion. When mixing colors, remember that they dry darker than what it looks like in the mixing cup. If you have to rematch the paint for touch ups...keep that in mind. These did need some touch up as the paint shrinks a bit around the piece, and exposed some of the ridges of the caps. I did four coats and still seemed to be thin in spots.

I always have a huge stash of bottle caps...the trick was finding 30 of anything that matched. I've done another post on making cakes, this is just an extension of this process.  These cakes were two stacked and glued together with  a wide bottom tier, and then a multi-level prescription bottle cap on the top.

We have a personalized Windy City sticker for the white top---which I have given 3 coats of white acrylic (you can still see the shadow of the prescription print) but this will be covered with 'pearls' that the members will attach at the meeting.

With other projects going on also---I've pre-cut the papers for the base and tray of the Cake Stand. I had this great paper that looks like doilies, and they just happen to be the exact size for the lids/or tray of the cake stand. ( looked for doilies for a cake stand or plate for over two months---this was the only option at this point within the budget).

The cake stand base is a plastic shot glass, and the covered tray is an upside down mini-storage container. Both are from the $$ store. I've pre-drilled a hole in the lid, and will have some sort of handle bits and pieces added to the kits.

Shot glasses with double-stick foam tape attached.  I've also added a strip of double-stick tape to the side of these 'glasses'. And, also added a strip to the paper. 

When working with large groups---eliminating the sharing of tools by prepping it all up...really helps. They will be very busy gluing pearls cake and a few other projects, including an ornament and a teeshirt and super cool glasses! 

At home, my most often used supplies are Double-stick tapes: foam, skinny, and wider 'scotch' double-stick. Upside, these all are removable, so you can change your mind and redo an items when using it. And tapes are not full of odors and harmful ingredients for group use, even for kids.

Let's put together, JUST ONE!

I made the base cover---by rolling the cup on the backside of scrapbook paper, and tracing the bottom edge as I went, then doing the top. I made one edge straight, and the other cut on the slant so you have a good overlap. You can even do it with some card stock---to make a pattern. Fit and trim the pattern as needed---then trace on your chosen paper or sticky vinyl. I started with the straight edge for gluing to the cup.
Trim the edges if necessary.

I used double stick tape, the full length of the cup.

Also apply double stick tape to the slanted end of the paper, press well into place. You may have to do this more than once depending on how stiff your paper is.

I used thick foam double stick tape to attach the lid to my cake plate. You may have to use two thicknesses of tape to do this.

Carefully  press the cup to the lid---(the upside of the lid to the cup)

Again, I had found some doily shaped pieces to use---which were on card stock and trimmed to fit. I simply attached this with a strip of double-stick tape. You can use anything or leave your plate white.

If you want to make this all permanent by all means use your favorite glue. I love Gorilla gel glue and E-6000 for multiple medium projects.
Now you can see why we use the inside of the lid for the cake plate---it gives a flange for the dome to sit on. 

My lids actually had a circle spot in the center of the lid, so I drilled the tiniest of holes through the plastic. You could use an awl and pound a hole through the plastic also. A thick darning needle would work also.

Next, I used a pierced earring back with a long post on it. Added a dab of glue and pushed it through the hole in the 'dome'. The earring back is perfect for holding the post straight up, and I snapped that in place with a tiny bit of glue.

I did purchase these bead covers---in a huge pack, because I needed 30, but any bead cover that will hide the fitting will work.

Glue in place---and this will hide your fittings.

Since 30 year anniversary was pearl---I used a pearl glued on the post, and added a tiny bit of glue to the hole.

Here's your finished Cake Stand---finished. Perfect for celebration parties, a special treat, or even a Christmas scene. You could glue it all together for a permanent display---but how much fun will this be for your dolls to bake something different for the seasons. 
Next will be the cake...

Now I need to make some for Sindy's Patisserie! 

Happy Crafting! 

Tools needed for this project:

Pen/pencil for tracing
Tiny drill bit or a nail/or awl to poke through cover.

Materials needed:

Small plastic snack cups ($$ store)
    plastic shot glasses---sold just about anywhere in                 party/liquor departments ($$store)
Double stick clear tape
Double stick foam tape
Scrapbook paper or self-adhesive vinyl
Doily or pattern for plate
1 pierced earring post and small back
1 bead cap
1 bead/pearl for handle
E-6000, Gorilla gel glue, or some glue good for plastic, metal and beads.

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We need a little Christmas in our Doll World

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 I don't know about you, but 



So please play the song as you browse!

It takes a few seconds to load...

'Tis the season....sing along!'

Haul out the holly...



Put up the tree before my spirit falls again...


Fill up the stockings...


I may be rushing things but deck the halls again 



For we need a little Christmas right this very minute...


Candles in the window, carols at the spinet...


Hasn't snowed a flurry,


But Santa dear we are in a hurry,

Climb down the chimney, 


turn on the
 brightest string of lights I've ever seen...

Slice up the fruitcake....

It's time we've hung some tinsel on the evergreen bough...


For we need a little music, ...

Need a Little Laughter, ...

Need a little singing ...

ringing through the rafter...


And we need a little snappy, ...


happy ever after........


We need a little ...


Christmas, now!


We need a little 





And we need a little snappy, 
happy ever after...

We need a little Christmas now!

music: Cast of Glee 
song by Jerry Herman
What holiday song has wormed into your brain???
LOL! Hugs, Sandi

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Hugs and Happy Holidays to ALL
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BMR says she is finally DONE!

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Golly it's the Holiday Season in full swing! 

Barbara M Robberts says she is DONE, but I'm not done with anything! 


That's quite a list she has----I'd be drinking wine and eating all the cookies if was finished!

Apologies to my readers for dropping the ball in the middle of the Fall season---we have so many story ends drifting in the air. Sometimes LIFE swallows you and doing what you enjoy gets put to the wayside. I'm working on transferring to a new comp---we have been loading the new one and hopefully will be able to function at full speed, and hang on to a browser that doesn't freeze and that works. 

THE WORST THING---I have had a terrible time loading other people's blogs...and commenting is a no go---or hit and miss. ADS---have been a nightmare and if the new Mac can't negotiate ads on people's blogs, I will be leaving them, permanently.


I've always planned on BMR to have a gold and white apartment---this is just a quick set up for a holiday photo shoot! It was fun---and I used stuff I already had, and snitched some from other rooms.


BMR: My list is long, with all the employees of BMR Ltd, and those who are so helpful in all my projects and ventures. 


BMR: Richelle has been working hard on my penthouse in the GrandView, Ian takes care of the photos for all the promotional materials, Vanny is a great assistant for Lara...well also all my nieces and their families. Golly, I'm really glad I have everything wrapped, finally!


BMR: Richelle found this wonderful gold table (frame on a tea light base) and our lamp we had made a while back (directions DOLL LAMPS HERE).


BMR: I'm going to love this wall paper when the paneling is finished here in the apartment.


BMR: Loving my traditional tree, I borrowed from Barbie and Ken's home.


Packages everywhere....


I love all the bright colors and bows, it's so festive.


For Lara, 


For Chelsea, 


For Scooter, and Russell...he has been a godsend working on the mess over at Vickie's and Trish's----!

Well one more glass of wine and I'm ready for a 'long winter's nap'! 

Merry Christmas! 
Happy Holiday!
from all of us at

BARBIE Old,New,Green,Redo! 


I'm hoping to catch up with great DIY's, stories, new dioramas and more doll fun in the new year. I will also be expanding the doll related offerings in my Etsy store. I seldom mention the store, but it is always listed at the side of the blog anytime you may want to browse---so I'm not counting this as an ad, LOL. 

I'll try and post a few holiday stories and projects, before I get the new computer working with all my photos and documents. My old Mac is going on 12 years old---pretty great for something that gets used minimum of 4 hours a day!'  I have had a terrible two months of having issues viewing other blogs, joining parties, and commenting and replying has been unavailable MOST of the time. Even on my own blog! 

BUT, TODAY I wish you the happiest of Holiday Seasons and may all your 

Sandi @ Barbie Old,New,Green,Redo

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