Fairytale: Princess and the Pea: Part 2

(continued, we find Kirstine tossing and turning in the featherbed. She hasn't slept a wink.)


She is very tired. 

“I cant sleep. This soft bed is LUMPY!”


Two hours later…Aggie said, “Miss Kirstine, you are still awake, I will bring you another mattress.”


Thank you, Aggie. I think this is better and soft now.

But, later....


Maid Aggie checks on Kirstine, who is still awake at four o'clock in the morning.

"Oh, Maid Aggie, I can't sleep the bed is lumpy. Please help me, I'm so tired."

"Yes, Miss. I will have the footmen bring all the extra mattresses, so you can sleep."


Kirstine whispered, “I’m sorry to be such a problem. Thank you for your help.”
Maid Aggie said, “Ten mattresses should be comfy now.
"I hope so, I can barely jump up from this chair, Kristine said.


Kirstine jumped into bed and sighed as she placed her head on the tenth pillow, on top of the tenth feather mattress.
Maid Aggie pulled the covers over Kirstine.
“Sweet dreams Miss, it is almost morning.” Aggie thought, I must tell the Prince, this may be a real PrincessShe hurried down the stairs, as the Prince was an early riser.


“I think these papers are true, Marta. This Kirstine might be a real Princess. The one I have been searching for.”


Marta scowled. “I’m sure she will fail the test, as they have all failed. Have I not helped you rule our country and keep your castle?”

“Yes, Marta. But, our kingdom needs a KING, that’s why it is called a Kingdom, not a Princedom.”

“Your Majesty,  I think she is a Princess, through and through. I confess Prince Henrik, I placed a large pea under the Princess’s mattress at the command of her Ladyship, Marta. Just, as I have done for all the young ladies who have pretended to be princesses.” 

Prince Henrik jumped up. “I must see this Princess, for myself.” He climbed the stairs to the tower faster than anyone ever had.  


Prince Henrik entered the room to find Kirstine high in the air on top of all his best feather beds.
“Is this true, Miss Kirstine, you have not slept well on ten of my best feather mattresses?
Kirstine sighed. “I’m sorry to say, your Majesty, No, I have not. NOT AT ALL!”
Poor Kirstine held her head, and cried softly. “I’m not a Princess, I can’t even sleep in a Princess bed.”


Maid Aggie slid her hand under all the mattresses and pulled out the hard pea. “Here your Majesty is the pea. Look at those mattresses, and pillows, and blankets and still Miss Kirstine is awake.”
         Prince Henrik examined the pea and then looked up to the top of the mattresses, where his Princess….was already asleep and softly snoring.

“Zzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzzzz, Zzzzzzzz.’
“I’m afraid my Princess snores a bit. But, she is fast asleep.” Prince Henrik laughed. He was so happy. He climbed on a chair and whispered, “Princess Kristine, will you marry me, and be my Princess and then my Queen???
“Zzzzzz, uh-huh, Zzzzzzzz.” He kissed her on the cheek while standing on a chair.
“If that is a yes, I must plan a Royal Wedding and a Coronation.”

***One Month Later***

Prince Henrik and Princess Kristine are married.
“My bride, you look beautiful and have I told you today, how much
 I love you?”
“Yes, Henrik, you have, and I love you too. But, you must be kind to your Aunt Marta. She has tried so hard to find you the right bride.”
“She did, but not for the reasons you think, my dear.”


Prince Henrik said, “Dear Marta, please give my regards to King Harrold, in Sweden. I’m sure you will be happy with the marriage I have arranged for you to his sixth son, Haggard the Sad.”
Marta rolled her eyes, “As long as you are happy, my dear. You and your Princess shall have long lives together. And, I hope many little blessings. My nephew, you need an heir and a spare, as soon as possible.”
“We have only been married a week, Marta. Please let us at least learn to know each other, first.” The Prince blushed.

Kristine said, “Thank you Marta, for helping the Prince become such a fine man. I am proud to be his wife.”
“You are welcome, Princess Kristine. May you have a happy life. Make sure he attends to his paper work.
“Yes, Ma’am, I will. Please, have a wonderful life in Sweden.”
“I will, we are going on a grand tour of the all the kingdoms in the south after our marriage. I have always wanted to see Paris. Good-bye and good luck.”

Prince Henrik whispered to his Princess, “Now, my Princess we must plan the Coronation and then work on those little blessings.”
Princess Kristine blushed, “And how many little blessings, does my Prince wish to have?”
Henrik replied, “I want to fill all those feather beds with little princes and princesses.”
(Meanwhile in the tower….)

Maid Aggie worked on finding all the rooms the feather beds belonged to.


As Maid Aggie said long, long, ago.
      A Princess is so, special, she can feel a small pea under all these mattresses. But, it is the goodness in her heart and her will and hard work to do right for her people that will make her a great Queen for our kingdom, or should I say Queendom….”

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