DIY Doll Closets.

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Mattel and other companies have issued so many closet carrying cases for fashion dolls, they now float around the thrift stores for pennies.

I picked up 4 of these in perfect condition, minus a couple of shelves and a small door. They are still being sold new in stores for roughly $15-20. I suspect they are being purchased for their included fashions rather than the case itself. This is the one I didn't use, but sabotaged parts from.

I paid $1.99 to 3.99 for each of these. Really much easier than building all kinds of shelving for the new Vickie's Vintage Boutique.


First thing was removing the stickers from the outside, and dismantling the doors and handles. The handles were a piece of cake only two easily reachable screws. 


The doors were something else though. I have successfully removed lots of silver pegs from Mattel channels/hinges before. But, these would not budge. Normally a couple of taps with a hammer and screw driver and they begin to slide out---not these. After an hour---of trying on various sets of hinges--I declared a truce and grabbed my coping saw.  

Normally, I would use a Dremel tool saw, but this plastic was very flexible and soft---so it would gum up----as a high-speed tool would melt the plastic, rather than cut it. The coping saw made quick work of removing all the hinge tabs, though not as neatly as I would have liked. I used a file to clean the edges. The doors are all still intact---so, I may be able to use them for another project. And, nicely they are a full 12" tall and can be used for diorama doors!

I fitted the cabinets in the unfinished room----and yes, they will work perfectly. Now, that PINK, ugh.
I had some serious issues removing the paper decals on the right sections of each cabinet, despite soaking the areas with alcohol. The rest came very clean. 

I make it no secret, I really dislike pink. Not pink in general---but the continuous use of pink on items that would never be this PINK in Real Life, ie ---a pink stove??? However, there are lots of wonderful textures on the panels of these closets. After a thorough cleaning and wiping down every surface with alcohol, I removed all the shelves and doors. I decided the hanging bars will stay black---so there is no chance of the hangers scraping paint off them. I may eventually replace them with metal---we will see how they hold up.


We finally had a moderate day---that was dry---to spray and paint- spray and spray. The three closets and shelves all took three coats of white satin spray---for plastic. I used a little over one can.

After spraying them all white, I covered the straight bar sides with shiny silver stickum from the scrap book section. I opted for a roll designed for those cutting machines that was on sale, instead of buying sheets. This is my first experience using adhesive backed plastic made for cutting machines. The quality is better than anything else I have used before.


The girl's worked very hard on these cabinets....getting them installed with a little help.


I left the little translucent shelves pink. A little pink goes a long way. The details on the drawer fronts were done with a store brand paint pen in silver. A perfect match for all the other silver. 
I have to figure out how to secure these two units together, might try some white plastic corner molding?


The backs of the problem sections were covered with silver adhesive plastic, like the kind you use in scrapbooking cutting machines. I have smoothed out most of the bubbles since these pics. But, it was very easy to work with and didn't stretch like other products, and it was on sale. 
It does add a bit of bling.


The shop is coming along. Vickie is wondering if she needs to use a different rack now, since the stairs has used up some floor space. We will see.

Supplies and Tools for this project:
Existing plastic doll closet(s) or carrying case(s).
Screw driver 
Hacksaw or coping saw to remove parts if desired.
Alcohol to clean all surfaces and remove any sticker residue
Spray paint for plastics -1 can almost did 3 units, front and back.
Paint pens- I used silver or desired color for details (and white for touch ups)
Scrapbook paper or metallic self stick paper for inside or doors if you choose.
Exacto knife--to cut paper or adhesive paper
Square and straight edge for cutting papers
Double stick tape if using scrapbook papers

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