Vickie's Haunted Vintage Part 5

Part 5 

Later that evening, 
Mulan, Barbie and Lara are having a discussion in the backyard of the HFIM house.

Barbie: Mulan, do you really think something is going on at Vickie's? She has been doing such a great business.

Mulan: The 'unknown' can disconcert one. Zoe seemed particularly upset. 

Lara: I'm sorry I don't really know your friends well, but the shop is amazing and Vickie's help seemed to know exactly how to treat customers. Such an asset to your community. Just, because it's the Halloween season doesn't mean the supernatural is working against her.

Mulan: I didn't say unnatural forces, I said negative forces. 

Barbie: We have more than the supernatural to worry about, tomorrow night Mulan, we have a meeting at the venue for the benefit. Can you be there by 8pm?

Mulan: Certainly, I have found some interesting backdrops we might be able to use for decor. You said the room was big and empty...which we will need. I have sold over thirty tickets myself.

Lara: How many tickets have been sold?

Barbie: Oh, we just don't know, yet. Everyone who is selling is supposed to contact me by tomorrow night. I can't believe the benefit is only four days away!

Detective Joe and Vickie walk down to Sal's Seafood just around the block 
from the vintage shop for a late dinner.

Gino: I'm your server tonight. Nice to see you again Joe, and you're Miss Vickie from the shop around the corner. 

Detective Joe: Please Gino the table back in the corner. That's a nasty bruise on your face Gino, what happened?.

Gino: I got jumped walking out to the alley from the back door. Alley dirt is stuck in my face, and I twisted my ankle bad. I couldn't tell who it was, they pushed me from the rear and stole all my tip money. This neighborhood's going to the dogs.

Vickie: I hope not, did you report it to the police?

Gino: Sal didn't want me too, the publicity would be bad for the restaurant. You be careful Miss Vickie when you close up late. 

Vickie: I will, thank-you.  Joe, I love this corner, it's so vintage back here with the old prints and paintings.

Joe: I've been wanting to order the Fish Boil, but it's too much for one person. 

Vickie: It's too much for two. Love the coleslaw and the corn. Reminds me of my grandparents having fish boils in northern Wisconsin. What did you want to talk about, Joe, I mean Detective.

Joe: Well, there have been nine incidents in the last week in this block. Petty theft, Gino, your shop, an eighty year-old man who owns the building next to yours, pushed down some stairs. He is still in the hospital. Broken windows, street signs, electricity out, cables cut, just about everything you could imagine. 

Vickie: I had no idea all this was going on. What's happening to our neighborhood? I just got a notice that the building has violations and the owner is no where to be found. And, business has been so good. I don't know what I'm going to do?

Joe: Please be extra careful Vickie. I know you have the apartment, upstairs of the shop, and roommates. 

Vickie: Yes, Zoe and Nikki are both staying with me. So, I'm not alone, ever. It's not the best apartment, but it's convenient and I thought safe?

Joe:There is more here than just isolated incidents. We are looking at a bigger picture, I can't say anything more. Would you like some more wine?

Vickie: No thanks, two glasses is my limit.

Gino: Would you like coffee or dessert, and I bagged up your leftovers. Sal wanted me to tell you Joe, someone slashed tires in the employee lot this afternoon. He wants you to stop by tomorrow and talk with the day crew. 

Joe: I'll be by first thing tomorrow. Gino, thank you and please take care of yourself. Thanks to the chef, the meal was delicious.

Vickie and Joe took the long way around the block, so he could casually check out the neighborhood and they had a nice long talk. They passed the van. 

Vickie: Well, Detective who are the roommates in your van and where do you live when you aren't 'undercover'?

Joe: Hm, well it wouldn't be much of an undercover operation, if I revealed everything. I have an apartment up on Irving Park, and my roommate is Jeanette. She's a cat.

Vickie: Really? I never would have thought of you as having a pet cat.

Joe: She was a stray and kept bellowing at my back door when I first moved in. I think whoever had the apartment before, just left her. She's a very nice cat, her coat is the color of your hair. You sure smell good, Miss Vickie. (He grins.)

Vickie: Officer, I do believe you are frisking me...? The lights aren't on, now what's wrong?

Vickie opens the door to find her roomies, huddled on the couch, no electricity and no heat.

Joe: One more thing to add to our list. This perpetrator counts on people not sharing their information. All these random incidences have a reason. And we will get to the bottom of this very soon. Lock up, tight Vickie. You have my number.

Vickie:Yes, sir. And thanks for a lovely meal. I really enjoyed myself, I haven' been out for a long time. Night.

Vickie closes the door, and flops down on top of the girls huddling in the cold dark. 
The only light in room emanates from their cell phones and laptop.

Zoe: So how was tattoo man? And what is he doing that we don't know about?

Vickie: He's very nice, and he's just being, um, protective. 

Nikki: I only got the answering machine when I called the landlord. I reported the heat out to the hotline, and Com Ed too.

Vickie: Yes, it is  a little cold in here, I'm going upstairs and grab some sleep. See you in the morning.
We may have to chisel ice down in the shop...or thaw out bones or something? Goodnight.

Wednesday Night at the venue for the Skeleton Bash.

Ryan: This is a huge black cave, perfect for a haunted night of revelry and debauchery.

Richelle: Oh, we go.

Ryan: Nope, first on the list, I'm taking care of lighting, furniture, the stage and the bar...anything else Madame Chairman-er-woman Chairperson?

Barbie: No, that's great. Thanks to Mulan for the great backdrops, I hope we can use them all.

Vickie:Those photos, really pop against the black walls. This room is really perfect for the benefit. I hope it is enough room.

Richelle: The stage over in the corner will be a great place for taking photos. At $20.00 a shot and the photographer is donating 100% of the profits for the relief fund.

Barbie: It sure will, so what's the decision on the tables, black or purple?

Mulan: Maybe we should use green, I vote for purple?  This room is a void, otherwise.

Richelle: We could use a carpet down the middle here to cover the seam in the concrete. 

Barbie: Everyone check your lists...and let's nail this down by Saturday, when everyone comes to make this room into MAGIC....for the Skeleton Bash.

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Vickie's HAUNTED Vintage Part 4

Next Morning:
06:00 Cantrell Security calls: Vickie's emergency number. 

Cantrell: Miss Vickie, no worries, but we had some sort of breach on your Eastland location last night, CPD was notified and an officer responded. There were bones not the floor, here from my notes. The officer locked up and we reset the alarms. Just a head's up. Security cameras show no activity after that.

Vickie: Oh. Thank you for the information, we had something weird going on yesterday. Can you keep the cameras on during the day please. 

Cantrell: CPD may follow up with you today, and yes cameras are set for on.


Oh, gosh, I have all these things to take to the shop. I better get going!

1 hour later-


Vickie: Ugh, what a pile of OLD and NEW stuff, here.  Now if I can reach the light switch and see what the problem is.


Vickie: Oh my goodness, look at these bones----this isn't just bones on the floor? (From behind the clothes rack, she hears a scraping of something on the floor. Vickie jumps up?


Who's there, I'm calling the police!


(Mystery Man): Wait on that call, Ma'm.

(Vickie reaches down and grabs a bone for defense.)


Vickie: Get out of my store, I'm going to call the police:

Detective Joe: Here, my badge, I'm under cover investigating your incident here.

Vickie: How did you get in? 

Detective Joe: I responded to the call with the patrolmen last night, and since this may pertain to an investigation I'm working on, Cantrell Security gave me the code to open your front door. I've been working with them.

Vickie: Oh. (She lowers her weapon.) Well, you just scared the crap out of me. You know this is my horribly busy week. I can't have 'incidents' going on.


Detective Joe: Well, I'm just going to bag these up and take them back for fingerprinting, so you can open the store on time. 


Vickie: Aren't you the guy that was in here yesterday. I have your vest with me today---if that was you?

Detective Joe: Really, Vickie, you are really efficient.

Vickie: Here at Vickie's Vintage we really try to please our customers. Why would anyone be doing this to us? My new girl, I'll be lucky if she comes to work today. 


Vickie: Let me wrap this up for you. How many tickets would you like for the Skeleton Bash, Detective.


Detective Joe: Um, one ticket and thanks for the vest, it's perfect for undercover work.


Vickie: Any idea what all this is about?

Detective Joe: I'll know more when I have these bones tested and I get a look at the security footage.
Please keep your security on all day, you can disengage the front door, but keep the back door on. Your store looks great, and I'm going to be right around this block all day, observing. I'll fill you in, as soon as I can. Please keep my presence under wraps. (He smiles his best smile and is out the door).

(Vickie locks the door behind Joe and watches as he disappears across the street into a black van.)

Vickie:(Hmmm, surveillance for just our store? Really?)


Phone: Brrrrinnng, Brinnnng.

(Vickie picks up the phone, it's Zoe calling.)

Vickie: Hi, Zoe, how are you this morning?

Zoe:I'm fine, how's the shop, I saw your note?

Vickie: Um, it's under control I guess? Can you be here in a half an hour, I need to move the jewelry setup. I have a feeling we are going to be very busy today with all the special orders that are being picked up. 

Zoe: Sure, do you want coffee and a nosh?

Vickie: Sure that would be great, I'll start packing up the jewelry.


Zoe: You guys are going to be the best at the Vikings. And you, make a great Lagertha. And well, Vikings are the best and Game of Thrones. 

Lagertha customer: Wow, love these fur boots and that animal shawl, is to die for?

Viking Guy: Yea, that's great. Do you have any weapons?


Vickie: Weapons, we are low on, but more accessories will be in the end of the week, please check back.

(The day continues and is very busy...customer after customer.)


Vickie: Oh Monnie, you will look fabulous in the Rocker outfit. And Sindy, this lovely Gaia outfit is perfect for you? How are the food plans coming for the Bash?

Sindy: Well, how many tickets have you sold? I'm beginning to get nervous.

Vickie:From this location about 80 at this point.


Monnie: I've lost count, I will tally up when I get home. We are going to get into the venue tomorrow night and see exactly what it looks like. 

Sindy:Make sure to check out outlets, and refrigeration? I need to know, before I can get the food orders squared away? What is our maximum attendance, again?

Monnie:I'll know everything for sure, tomorrow night and let you know.

Vickie: Thanks girls, will see you tomorrow night then. I can swing by after 8:30 or so. 

(Later---More customers in the shop.)

Giselle:I volunteered to help serve at the Bash, this costume will be perfect, all I need is a paper hat, socks and a sassy attitude. This fake food tray is perfect! (She fake cracks some gum and winks)


Zoe: This huge order is for Elsa and Anna, the Swedish gals at the HFIM house. I'll set it in the back room.

(Back in the spooky corner)

Angelina:(left) This is an amazing collection of great vintage and I love all the decorations. But, that skull thing in the back is freaky. 

Penny:(right) You know what freaky is, is wanting to buy costumes to wear in your everyday wardrobe? 


Angelina: (Chuckles) Hey babe, this isn't a costume I'm wearing I just came in for some bling boots.

Penny: Ha, ha, ha....that's hysterical, um, but, you look awesome.


King guy:This is an awesome costume for King Joffrey from Game of thrones?

Zoe: Didn't he die? 

King guy: Well, Yeah. Everyone dies in that show eventually.


Zoe: You will look very fab in that outfit, but er, that hat is a bit small. I think there's a head scarf included in the costume.


Pirate Guy: It's okay, no one's going to look at my head with this open's cool.

Late in the evening, we have the Pirate queen trying on the corset.

Pirate Queen: Pull harder, Matey. I can still breathe, it must need to be tighter. Your costumes, ouch, are so unique here.


Nikki:How's that? I can't feel my fingers? 

Pirate Girl:(out of breath) I can't feel my knees, so it must be tight enough now. Please tie me up.

Nikki: Um, do you want me to ring this up for you, and you can wear it home? I'll bag your own clothes.

Pirate Girl: Yes, please and thank you. Two tickets for the Baa---sh. (She runs out of breath again.)

Zoe calls from the locked door: The last customer is asking for Vickie.


Detective Joe: Hello Miss, er, Mrs..? Vickie. Looks like you found homes for some inventory.

Vickie: Um, hi, er..a Joe. We were very busy today---ticket sales and lots of everything was sold. And it is Miss, but just call me Vickie.

(Joe leans over and whispers)

Joe:How about we catch a meal, and I can fill you in. Not really a date, well, how about an under-cover, that's not what I mean.

Vickie:(she laughs) Sure, let me just pack up the till, and we can leave in a couple of minutes.


Vickie:Hey, girls, make sure you leave the lights on and the security system is already set. Just run the code on the front door. Have a good night, and I'll see Nikki in the morning and Zoe in the afternoon. 

Joe:If you don't mind, that seafood place down the block is pretty good and we can take a table in the back and have a private conversation.

Vickie:Sure De---er, Joe, that's fine, I just need to get some food, I'm starving. Good night, Girls.

(They disappear out the front door).


Zoe: Well, if that doesn't beat everything? Tatoo man and Vickie, who would have thunk it.

Nikki:Oh, I don't know. It's kinda romantic don't you think? She's been so busy since the shop opened, she hasn't had a date in five months.

Zoe:Well, I hope you aren't as busy tomorrow as we were this morning. I can help after four tomorrow. So let's get this shop straight and lock the door. I hear a pint of Haagendiz calling my name.

Nikki: Ditto, I will do the shoes and we need to balance the racks out. Vickie said something about maybe tomorrow, switching out fixtures and bringing the jewelry display back in.

(to be continued)

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