Part 2 Colette's Dilemma: Is Gerard all she has to worry about?

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Part 2: Is Gerard all she has to worry about? 

Part 1: Here!


What'sa matter, Callie, aren't you happy to see your mama!


Colette/Callie: Oh, Mama. Oh mon dieu! 

Gerard: Hey, Mrs. Devers, pleasure to see you again.

Ella: Callie, None of that Frenchy talk. Well, little Gerry Puckham. I haven't seen you since you played at the YMCA basket ball in Peoria, and selling hubcaps out the back of your uncle's truck! 


(Colette/Callie collapses on the sofa)

Ella: Isn't anyone going to invite me in? I've come all the way from Peoria on the trains, buses, and I walked three blocks in these heels. My dogs are killin' me in these shoes.

Colette/Callie:  Uhhhhhh. Here, sit down Mama. (She eyes the suitcase and baggage, and the boots). Um, how long are you planning to stay?


Ella: I've gotta gig at a club over on the west side until Thanksgiving. It's not paying much, so heard you were here. Thought I would crash and save hotel costs. It's been tough times, I bet you know. 
(She scans the apartment.) 
Maybe not, these digs are Fii-ii-ine.


Emilie: Crash here, mon Dieu? I am Emilie, you are, pleez? 

Ella: Ella Devereaux from Peoria, that's my stage name, I'm also Callie's Maman'? And who are you, with your high falootin' accent. A friend of Callie's from Paris?

Emilie: Colette, pleez, Qu'est ce qu'elle fait ici? Je ne comprends pas. (What is she doing here, I don't understand)

Gerard: Well, nice to see you, Mrs. Devers. Callie, Emilie, I think I'll visit some other time.


Emilie: Gerard, you know dees woman? 

Gerard: Yes, I do. Mrs. Devers is friends with my aunt and uncle from back when Callie and I were just kids in Peoria. Callie, I will call you. (He escapes, quickly.)


Emilie (Screeching again): Where is dees place, Peeoria, Colette. You said you were from Orleans et Loiret in France. Qu'est-ce que c'est que ça, pleez.

Colette/Callie: I was singing in Orleans, when we met. I'm sorry, I thought my French would tell you, I wasn't really from France.

Emilie: Really! MON DIEU!


Ella mumbles to herself: Of course, I'll just sit down and take my coat off,  thank-you to nobody.


Emilie: Dees PEEOria, did you lie to your friends, pretend to be some-zing you not? 
(Emilie stomps out of the room and slams the door.)


Ella: Callie, what have you done to that poor girl? Maybe, I had better leave, I'll just call a cab.


Callie: No, Mama, please stay. When I met Emilie, I was already successful as Colette, I just didn't want to be Callie from Peoria anymore. 

Ella: Really, girl, I didn't bring you up to tell whoppers or be somethin' your not.

Callie: Mama, one can't be a rage in Paris as little Callie Devers from Peoria. Everything was fine, then the pandemic hit, and we were told Americans needed to come back, so we did. Emilie was my assistant and friend. We left very quickly, and arrived here just before the shut down.


Ella: Well, how's that workin' for ya. Not great, huh?  And, I had heard Gerry had skipped Peoria, owing everyone. I had no idea he went to Paris to be with you.

Callie: He was my piano player and then my manager. Oh, Mama, I've made such a mess of things. I AM happy to see you...but, this is a disaster. We signed papers to buy this place. 

Ella: You and this Emilie?  

Callie: Yes, we bought this place. It was a stretch, but if I can't work soon, it will be worse.

Ella: Work is slim ta nothin' all over. I thought you had a recording contract. 


Callie: I did, then the studio went bust. My savings are almost exhausted.


Ella: Well, your Daddy's in the real New Orleans, but, he sends his love. We made quite a mess of things, too. (She dabs at her eyes). He's 'findin' himself, probably in some blonde's arms. 

Callie wails: Oh, no, not Daddy? This is awful,...
 (Sniff, sniff.) 
annd everything is ruined.

(Callie bursts into tears.)


(The noise from upstairs seems to stop.)
Lara: I heard the door slam, who was it? I don't want to turn around.

Ian: It's the piano guy...again, and  he's moving fast, gone!

Lara: Never a dull moment around the Grand View. Do you think it is safe to upstairs now?  I'm getting cold?

Ian: I thought you would never ask, I can't feel my fingers anymore.

(to be continued in Part 3)

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Have you ever pretended to be someone you are not?

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Colette: But, is Gerard all she has to worry about? PART 1

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Colette's story, PG Part 1 safe for all.

Gerard taps his foot again and again...waiting for Colette. Clearly they haven't been getting along that well, but at least she melted when he promised to give her the clothing trunks from Paris. 

But is Gerard all she has to worry about?


Colette's in Jacquie's and having her hair treated and her nails done. She keeps an eye on the lobby and Gerard from Jacquie's Salon. 


Jacquie: More or less highlights? And, if I may ask, who is that hunk of man in the lobby?


Colette: Oh, he still there? (pre-occupied with watching Gerard) Hmmmm, dee same highlights as before, pleez. (Sigh)

Jacquie: Looks behind, at Gerard. Is he waiting for you?  Or don't you want to talk about it?


Colette: Ee eez--wazz my manager in Paree.

Jacquie: Oh, so more than just man problems?

Colette: (shrugs her shoulders)No, not homme,  he is leetle boi.  Ca, c'est bien les hommes.

Jacquie: (laughs) Yes, I agree. Boys, can be little their whole lives. They never seem to really grow up. How long have you known him?

Colette: Ahhhh, since I was tres jeune fille, very young in numbers-how you say, teens.


Colette: Zank you, I will have to dispatch dee leetle boy, now. 

Jacquie: Thank, you, good luck and come again!


(Gerard walks to the elevator.)

Colette: (whispers)...So, how did you pass your time?

Gerard: Waiting for you, beautiful Mademoiselle, of course. Hey. Baby, You look fine...C'est Mangifique! I have something for you? (He holds out a package) May I go upstairs with you?


Colette: If you must. (She eyes the package and wonders, what is it?)


Colette: What were you talking with Lara, about earlier?

Gerard: I'm looking for a permanent residence, with sound studio space. Lara..Miss Roberts is a manager with a property company. Wouldn't you like to find a studio space to work in? My piano and equipment is in storage, rotting away.

Colette: In this Building, NO! Not with you, here. Drop this discussion, NOW!


Gerard; So, tell me how you really feel. Aren't you going to invite me in? I see your watch dog is slathering through the window, ready to bit my head off.

Emilie: If you promise me, you will behave.

Gerard: I'm always a perfect gentleman, you know that!


Gerard: Hello, Emilie. You are looking ferocious-err-  lovely and efficient as always.

Emilie: Gerard. Colette, vat alley deed you find dees mongrel? 

Colette: civil.

Emilie: Pleez sit down Gerard, le bâtard.


Gerard: (Ignores the slur). Colette, please open your package, and perhaps some coffee would be nice, Emilie.

Emilie: (Raises her voice almost to a screech) Emilie ees not servante. I am assistante for Colette and un compagnon, for you, I be---nothing!


Colette: Pleez, no more fighting!

Gerard: Just open the package, Callie.


Colette: Gerard, you do have my trunks, dees dress is my favorite. Zank you.


Colette: I am sorry I did not believe you. Pleez, when can I have rest of my wardrobe? 


Emilie: Eeet is cloth, mon cher. No payment for all the le peine, you have suffered. We have suffered from dees b-batard.


Colette: Emilie, PLEASE! 

Emilie: Geev me les déchets. (Trash)


Colette: Please, Veuillez nous apporter du café.

Emilie: (Silence and a glare with stank eyes)

Colette: Veuillez, Emilie, pleez, coffee.

(Whispering): You know we should be together. I'm sorry about what happened, and I miss you, I need you. We need to work together, your career is stagnating and I can fix that. 

Colette (Whispering): Emilie and I are settled here...together. We're fine. We've bought this condominium together, and...


Outside, Lara and Ian are downstairs, sharing apple rolls and coffee from the Patisserie. It's past closing time, now.

Lara: Well, the screaming seems to have stopped, I hope that is the end of it. There has been more drama in that unit, than all the others combined.

Ian: Something about that guy. Who sits in the lobby and waits for a gal for three hours? Or drags a mini grand piano in to serenade someone, past closing...?

Ian: Now what? Lara, who is that peering in the windows of the bakery?

Lara(turns): I have no idea.


A mysterious woman with luggage raps on the window of the Patisserie. Jamie waves and puts up the closed sign and finishes cleaning.


Ella: Well, doesn't this beat all! (looking around) How do I get in? (She sees the couple at the other end of the building._

Excuse me, can you direct me to Callie Devers apartment, please. I'm her mother and she isn't expecting me, it's a big Surprise.


Ella: Well, I'll just pound on this locked door, someone will come. 


Lara greets the lady.

Lara: Hello, I'm Lara Roberts and the manager of this building. How may I help you?

Ella: I'm lookin' for Callie Devers apartment, please. I'm her mother and she isn't expecting me.

Lara: I'm sorry, what is that spelling again, Mrs. Devers.

Ella: Not a Missus anymore,  call me Ella. I haven't seen my baby since she went off to Paris and became a big star! 

Lara: Oh, you mean Miss Colette Deveraux?


Ella: YES! That's her stage name, she's just little Callie Devers from Pee-oria, Illinois. (She looks around the building.)

My goodness, it's fine here...But, if you say Colette, sure, that's her. Skinny little thing with a taste for high-fashion duds. Sings like an angel. Please don't ring her, it's a surprise.

Lara: Um. Yes, I think it will be. I'll certainly let you in,  Miss Deveraux is on the second floor, in #2. Please take the elevator up, next floor and to your right. Do you need help with your things?


(Ella piles in the elevator and gets ready to go up.)

Ella: Aw, no, I take care of myself...and thanks very much. Upstairs and to the right. Gonna see my little Callie. Won't she be surrrr-prised!

(The door of #2, swings open!)


Hey, Yu-All! 


(to be continued)

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