New Beginnings:Clay Room to Craft Room.

Hi, all. I've been MIA pretty much since January. 
Here's what's been going on.

I was a stoneware potter and ceramicist for 40 some years. In 1984 first thing we did when we moved in was set up the clay shop in roughly 1/4 of the basement and adding a small kiln room with proper ventilation. The kiln room is now my shipping room for my Etsy shop.

Later in the late 1990's--when my back and hands gave out---I began casting earthenware and painting on blanks.  

From roughly 2005, when my parents both began to reach later years---everything was set aside and left untouched. New molds ($1000 worth) never even used. The room became a dumping ground after my parent's house was sold.

About a month ago---we started in earnest clearing out all the old clay, containers, supplies and extra tools. A sink/counter was removed from here. The walls needing to be patched and properly sealed.
The room is roughly 12 x a decent size.

The only window in the room, now sealed tight----for leakage. 

The room was never insulated. The kilns kept it warm in the winter. But now, hubby has begun 
insulating both walls after repairs and waterproofing. A new waterproof subfloor is being laid. And some vinyl planking will be next. 

We still have lots to deal with. But the new beginning has begun.

We are still working around tons of stuff. 
We filled one Bagster and all the garbage cans a couple times over.
I listed two kilns, the wheel (sold) and all the molds (106+) on Craig's List.
All the molds have been cleaned and catalogued. 
The white boxes are my parent's legal records, 
which I am required to keep for a couple of more years.

My wonderful shipping area---in transition right now---as everything has to travel through here.

My Etsy shop*(temporarily closed)---has been displaced to the family room.

I'm going through the 10 or so totes that say LIST  and all my previous stock! 

No Easter gathering here this year. 

Final Goals: New walls, Etsy shelving, lighting, sink, craft work surface, storage, display for 
my Barbie houses and play area for the Grand. Phew---that's a lot on the agenda.
And restoring our family room to some sort of normal.

So what have you been working on?

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All the opinions and photographs in this blog are my own, I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions, posts or any products shown or anywhere I shop.
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Doll Event Photo Shoot-Tutorial

Hi, thought I would do something different for a change.
I needed a reason to dress up some dolls for a photo shoot.I had purchased some wedding cake columns from HL at half price and was itching to use them immediately. 


Here's Barbie (no.3) with reproduction Alan, and his sister Lara a recent Fashionista entering a 
Chicago Spring themed fundraiser. 

My base as always, is 1/2" silver gray poster board covered foam core. If I want to pick up an entire scene, I can then. This scene will be non-permanent, so no problem. I have the bottom of my doll stands covered in the same paper poster board, so a quick edit and I can almost make them disappear.


The back wall is a 2'x2' vinyl ceiling tile. While the pattern is over-sized. In late afternoon light it has interesting details and shadows. I had to work fast if I was going to use this light.


Here is what I gathered for my scene.


Two small mini ferns from the pick counter at HL. The sprigs on the grids were purchased in a large square last Fall at 90% off. I have cut them in strips to use as bushes and plants. 


The two trees were from Joanne's last Christmas in their winter mini-garden section. I glued some moss in the past on the bases of the trees.
The pot was one of six I purchased at a thrift store masquerading as herbs. I've added pine sprigs to it, to make it more interesting. These were all finished so no time added here today.


I really didn't want color---so I chose some 2 over-size lime green hydrangea heads and pulled one apart into two pieces. (I reassembled them on their stems afterward). Just because something isn't to scale doesnt' mean you can't use it in a background. 


1 branch of mini cherry blossoms at 50% off this spring. I really try not to buy many new items unless they are 50%off or more. 

I lined the three columns up against the wall.


I added the green tin roofed bird house (thrift store find) at the end. The Cherry blossom branch was tucked into the center column with a fern. The branches were arched to connect with the other two columns.


This variegated small leaf stem, I used as a tree, tucked behind the birdhouse.


At large events, over-scale props are often used for effect and themes. 


The fourth column was placed in front of the middle one to create an arch for the dolls to walk through. A fern was placed in it, and the cherry blossom branch was arched toward it.

For a night scene, this would be very pretty with fairy lights in it and more lights casting up from the base of the textured wall. 


At this point I should have taken this picture to see that this optical illusion of the pillar in front tipping. This occurred depending on the camera angle.  So I recommend doing a photo at this point to see what the lens sees.

The completed scene. This whole set-up can be done in 5 minutes and it takes really no permanent assembly.


The front column so looks like it is tilted, it isn't.  The dolls enter the event.


This angle is a bit better. The soft shadows on the wall are a non-distracting backdrop


Alan and Barbie making their entrance. The vintage dress is a dressmaker quality homemade by someone very talented, found in a thrift store goody bag.


Tory wears another homemade copy of an early Barbie design. Midge with real eyelashes (2012) wears a ruffled mini dress.


From this angle the columns look perfectly inline. Another doll on the left, I have yet to name (a rescue)wears a vintage ruffle dress, at least it is a decent length. She has bizarre hoop earrings of some sort of plastic and tons of wavy hair. All three are rescues from a local thrift stores.


Ryan and Richelle make their entrance. 


They both have lace ruffles. Ryan has opted for a stick pin, instead of a crooked tie.


These two dolls and their apparel shows up the best with the gray white tones in the background.


Richelle says---"We can use one of these for our engagement photo if they turn out".
Ryan grunts,  "Um, in this monkey suit, Really?"


Event background, quick and easy and done in about 40 minutes for the photo shoot with natural light. 

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 I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions
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