Basement Apartments DIY Part 2

Last On Barbie:Old New Green Redo...

...we had left Monnie and Ryan barely moved  into the barebones basement apartment in the HFIM house, with a gaping hole for a window, and oversize castoff furniture and discussing remodeling.

Two weeks later...

Ryan:The storage under this bed is a lot more than I thought it would be. And, all my clothes but my suits are fitting right underneath 'OUR' (he pats the bed) wonderful bed.

(REDO Bed---jewelry box with extra width added with plastic covered foam core and bedding.

I do like the 'paneling' you had the guys put up. This has a great vibe and the diagonals give this small space some interest.

Monnie: Thanks, the walls went up easy since it came in NEW 12x12 sheets of paper from the scrapbooking department. Just enough pattern to make it interesting. I thought the window is a great focal point with the view into the park?

(Window is an OLD vintage frame attached to the walls with velcro---easy to change the scene for the seasons. It's always a GREEN thing to do -reusing big pieces of furniture.)

Monnie: And I'm glad we swapped out the other couch for this purple one, I love the color and the other one was too big.

Ryan: Yep, love the sofa, we need some sort of covering for the window for privacy---or we are still going to be a street performance, if you know what I mean.

Monnie: Yes, I have some drapes on order, maybe a day or two. You did a great job on getting, Vickie's Vintage old shoe display on the wall for a freebie REDO desk and storage. The desk extension is great. It gives us some room to grab a snack or get some work done. 

(Wall unit is a an OLD wood utensil divider with a plastic stickum covered foam core desk added not he bottom. It is all attached to the wall with heavy duty velcro, and is a great REDO.)

Monnie: I also can't wait to decorate the shelves with some chic accessories.

Ryan: Yea, I have some great SUPER HEROES statues that will be awesome!

Monnie: Um, Super heroes??? Really, Ryan? 

Ryan: You'll see, they are COOL. The lights are cool, too---Home Depot NEW battery LED's make for sufficient lighting in here. 

Monnie: So you think this is another great collaboration of Ryan and Monnie's? (she's shaking her head)

Ryan: The carpet is nice too, from leftover flooring from the living room dining room upstairs. (NEW Target woven poly placemat)

Ryan: I love your all your skills, (He chuckles.) I mean your designing skills, we make great partners. 

Monnie: Sigh, Super heroes and all.  (She smiles weakly)

Ryan: And we can put a 72" flat screen on that wall, and get a hotdog roaster over there, my Cubbies  collection on this wall,  and I want to store my motorcycle out in the hall, and......

Monnie: Please shut up and just kiss me.....!

Next: Barebones in the boys' basement apartment.

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