Vickie's Haunted Vintage and the Bash

Monday night, Ryan and Richelle's apartment.


Richelle: REALLY Ryan, Super Heroes, what are you, twelve years old.


Ryan: I think they look great in here, you left all that empty space on those shelves, they fit perfect.


Richelle: I haven't exactly had time to decorate between my new clients, the HFIM house and the Skeleton Bash benefit. We still need some new linens in here. 


Ryan: I know the benefit has taken so much of your time, and I know it's going to be a success. Everyone is talking about it, and the sponsors are lining up. How about I take you to dinner?


Richelle: Thanks, I needed that. Dinner's a great idea. There's a new seafood place next to Vickie's and I promised to stop in tonight. She's opening tomorrow, but invited a few of us over to see the Halloween set-up. And she is handling tickets for the benefit. 

Ryan: Sure, but I'm starving, and oysters are exactly what I have on my mind. 

Later at Vickie's Haunted Vintage.......


Richelle: Vickie this place is amazing, I knew you said you were turning into a Halloween store, but I had no idea. I have to have this costume it's gorgeous and my favorite purple---and a witch (she cackles....).


Ryan:  Gosh, I want to be this Skeletor guy---he is crazy awesome???? Mrrrrahahahahahahhahhh!


Phone: Briiiinnnnng! 

Vickie: Vickie's Haunted Vintage, how can I help you. Yes, we have tickets for the Skeleton's Bash.

Yes, all profits go to Hurricane Relief. Single tickets $25.00 and couples are $40.00.

Sure, I can put you down for two couples, you can pick up your tickets here at the shop.

We can charge them to your account, or you can pay when you pick them up. We open tomorrow at 10am-8pm for the next two weeks, closed on Sunday and Monday.

Thank-you, have a great day!

(Vickie looks at the poster and thinks what have I gotten myself into?)


Vickie: Richelle that's the tenth call today already. How big of a space do you have for the benefit?


Richelle: The limit on the space is 175 including staff, but if we go over 75, I have to contract another policeman. Why, how many tickets have you sold?

Vickie: Over the phone, like 22 today, and I wasn't even open? I still have the jewelry display to put together and costumes to unpack.

Richelle: Don't worry the store is fabulous. Ryan, that is an awesome caftan and it matches my dress---you can be a wizard. I love the pointed hat, it fits your 12 year-old personality. 

Ryan: Yea, sweetie, I know. Vickie, how come no Super Hero costumes and do you have any beards?

Vickie: No heroes and beards and wigs aren't out yet. Stop back later, we have more things coming.


Don't forget to buy your tickets, Chairpersons for the Skeleton Bash. 

Ryan: Yes, a couple ticket, and I'll pay for the costumes too. (He smiles at Richelle). 

Vickie: Thanks guys, you are my first Halloween customers.


Ryan: Well, good luck on the store Vickie --You've got a great selection here, and I really want that Skeletor costume. That's one scary dude!


Phone: Brrirrinnnng, Brinnnnng....

Vickie: Sorry phone again Ryan and Richelle. Have a delicious dinner Sal's Seafood is awesome. Bring me more tickets tomorrow, Richelle, Byeeeeee.

Phone: Briiinnnnnnng!


Vickie:Vickie's Haunted Vintage, how can I help you? 

Yes, we have tickets for the Skeleton Bash, $25.00 single or $40.00 a couple.

Our hours are Tuesday through Saturday 10-8pm. I can take your credit information over the phone or you can pickup your tickets here and pay in cash. 

Sure, see you tomorrow. We have a great selection of vintage and new costumes and scary stuff. 
See you then.

Richelle, that's six more tickets. (She looks around the store, they are gone,  and she mumbles to herself.)

 I'm going to need more help--if all I do is answer the phone? 

Brinnnnnnng! Brinnnnnnng! 

Vickie's Haunted can I help you?

(to be continued) links below

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  1. Sandi, this is too fun! I want to go to Vickie's haunted Vintage. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. What a cute Halloween soap opera! Too cute:) Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm! xo Kathleen|Or Hopeful Home


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