Vickie's HAUNTED Vintage Part 2


Tuesday MORNING---opening of Vickie's Haunted Vintage


Phone: Briiinggg, Brinnnnng!

Vickie: Thanks Zoe for coming in, Nikki had to work her other job today, and I really need the help.
If you can finish straightening the jewelry, that would be great.

Vickie's Haunted Vintage......


Zoe: (Wow, this is an awesome collection of items for Halloween. I'm lucky I found some work, my other job just isn't paying enough.) Vickie these spider orbs are so cool. Do you want this table neat-neat, or casually draped. 

Vickie: Just straight enough you can see everything and not a tangled mess. 

Zoe: Okay, done, I'll do the shoe rack next.


Zoe:(hmmm, treat bags are low, I will have to see if there any in the back. Love the Poison Apples, )


(Hmmm---such great vintage decor? )


(Orange black in this cabinet---love the Mummy. )


Vickie: Darn the lights are out again. I guess it just adds to the ambiance.

Zoe: You have plenty of light from the street and the string lights are still on

Vickie: I'll go downstairs and flip the breakers. I don't understand why one string of lights is screwing us up? They are hooked on the emergency circuit for the security cameras, so they have power all the time.  

I see customers outside, Zoe. Can you please unlock the door and greet them.

Zoe: Okay, Welcome to Vickie's Haunted Vintage. If you need anything special, I'm here to help you.


Belle: I saw this the other day when Vickie was unpacking boxes, I have to have it for the Skeleton Bash.


Zoe: Can I interest you in the tail that goes with that fabulous dress? 

Tory: Really, I didn't know it's a Mermaid outfit, The Little Mermaid is my favorite fairytale. Really how do you wear it?

Zoe: Your feet stick out the bottom and you just hobble around?  Need some sandals?


An hour later the line is long.


Tory: Vickie, your selection is awesome. And I will take a ticket for the Bash, too.


Belle: I'll comeback and pick up my accessories when I get paid on Friday. Wow, there have been a lot of customers shopping while we were here. 

 (Two hours later)


Barbie: I always wanted to be a Glam Rocker, now I can at least pretend---that jacket is adorable, but I may use my own silver pants. 

Vickie: Well, we made up costumes from some of the vintage pieces that came in. Your imagination will just make it yours, I'm sure. Thanks again.

Phone: Briiiinnnng!

Vickie: Vickie's Haunted Vintage, how can I help you. (My goodness and it's only 1:00).


Six hours later the phone is still ringing. 


Nikki: Sorry I had to bail on you today---the boss was sick and one teacher for 48 kiddies, which is Hell, not to mention illegal.

Vickie: No problem, Zoe's been great and she's a natural with the customers. Hope you fit the Gypsy costume, I thought of you when you said you were going to read Tarot cards at the benefit.

Nikki: My grandma had the gift, though it has passed me by, but I can still read cards, or fake reading cards for donations. The benefit is going to be a great boost for all the hurricane victims.


(6pm, Monnie walks in)

Monnie: Here's the extra poster and more tickets for you to sell. Wow, this looks fabulous.

Phone: Briiinnnnng, Brinnnnngggg!


Vickie: Thanks, been busy, how many more tickets? 

Monnie: Here's 50 more, will that do it?

Vickie: (nods her head, yes) Vickie's Haunted Vintage, how can I help you?

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  1. So much vintage wonderfulness! No wonder the line was long. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  2. Sounds like the Bash is going to be one big party! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm:) xo Katheen|Our Hopeful Home


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