Vickie's HAUNTED Vintage Part 3

PART 3 Vickie's Haunted Vintage Tuesday night.
(Almost closing time)


Mulan: Your decor is amazing, where did Vickie get all these wonderful artifacts?


This is a particularly strong dragon, for protection and auspicious good fortune. 

Zoe: That's what Vickie said. I'm Zoe and you are....?


Mulan: I'm Mulan, nice to meet you. I see you are from Canada. I did some graduate work in Vancouver.

Zoe: Oh, I'm just from Toronto, barely Canada. You know about Chinese history, then?

Mulan: Yes, I'm working at the Art Institute in the Eastern collections.


Stephen: So how ridiculous am I going to look in tights?

Doctor Ken: Ha, men in tights. Man, this has to be for a woman? 

Stephen: (blushes) Yea, she's a knockout and I have it on good authority, she bought a Princess dress this morning---so I have to give this outfit a shot?


Zoe: How can I help you?


Joe: I'm looking for  a leather vest with fringe and a helmet, do you have anything like that here?
Wow, this dude back here is one scary---MMM_um....guy!


Joe: Thats a really  cool animatronic you got back there?

Zoe:animatronic? Oh, thanks, I can put your name on the wish list, and if something you asked for comes in, we can give you a call.

Joe: Great, thanks! 


Zoe: This is a great choice for you---these pants will look great with this jacket. Very Country singer from the 80's look. 

Lara: Hmmm, not really my style, but then---a little glitter and some curls, and I should be able to be completely unrecognizable. (chuckling)

Zoe: Well let me wrap this up---and you can check out.


Lara: I'll need 4 couple tickets also, and can you call me if any silver boots, size 8 come in? You're Vickie, I saw the benefit promo on ABC on Windy City Live. Great idea with all the money people spend on Halloween to steer some of it for a good cause.


Vickie: Thanks we are glad to help and thank-you for shopping here, and I will be sure to watch for silver boots. Lara, thanks for buying the extra tickets.


Zoe: Oh, darn. The lights again?  (Bang-crash) Oh, what was that? Sounds like it came from the back of the store.

Vickie: I'll get the breaker, excuse me, and don't walk around until we get the lights back on.


Zoe: Vickie's going downstairs to fix the breaker, I know it's dark in here---don't worry any customers back in here?


(Zoe looks up)

Zoe: EEEEEEKKKKKK! HELP__No! (Zoe turns and runs, tangles in the carpet and falls face first in the dark)


Zoe: Ow---help---IT MOVED and something pushed me back there!


(Lara peeks around the corner)

Lara: I don't see anything strange. 

There the lights are back on.


Lara: See, nothing to be worried about. You just stumbled and fell. (Lara pokes the mannequin) See, it's not alive or dead, it's just a nasty mannequin.


Lara: Granted not date material...(she chuckles).

Zoe: I suppose so. (She shoves the mannequin and it wobbles, menacingly) It still creeps me out, but thanks, Lara. And, have a great nite and I will be sure and call you about the boots.


Mulan: Just as dragons are powerful positive forces, negative entities do exist. 

Zoe: (whispers to Vickie) I saw that ghoul THING raise its arm and move its head. That customer Joe asked something about animatronics. Is that THING powered by anything?


Mulan:The power of the dragon will overcome any negative forces working in this building.

Vickie: I'm sure we have just been too busy to watch what every customer does. I know you had a scare, Zoe. But everything is fine now and I'll make sure the security cameras are on from now on. 

Thanks for coming Mulan, and I will have your order ready next week, the seamstress is altering your costume for you.

Mulan: Please take care, Vickie and Zoe. Negative entities feed on fear and weakness, Be strong! Good night.

Zoe: Thank you, Mulan, it's just been a long day, and we didn't even have time to eat. My mind was playing tricks on me.

Phone: Briiiiinnnng!  Brinnnnnng! 

Vickie: It's 8:15, Vickie's Vintage---no Haunted Vintage is now closed. Zoe it's time for some food and let's take it home, my treat.

Phone: Briiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnnnng!

(Door slams, motion sensitive emergency lights and security cameras are running!)

(LATE THAT NIGHT___All's quiet or is it?)
 Camera Log: time 00:01:20

Log: time 01:01:20 emergency lights are activated


Log: time 01:31:20 emergency lights activated
Log: time 02:01:20 emergency lights activated

Door alarm activated:security contacted
Door Camera Log: time 02:15:00


Log: time 02:16:20 emergency lights activated


Log: time 02:17:20 emergency lights activated


Log: time 02:27:20 security alarm-door open, door open, door open....

Cantrell Security to Chicago PD: security breach at 921 Eastland at 02:27-door open alarm. No visual, ah, er, or....humans on camera  premises. Please investigate. Contact Victoria............

Chicago PD: copy that, Cantrell, officers on the way.

(a few minutes later)

Officer shines light into the open door. 

Chicago PD: We are at Eastland, door open, plastic bones on the floor---someone's been playing a prank here. Locking the door and taking the next call. Over and out!

Chicago PD to Cantrell Security:921 Eastland secure and locked by officers. Alarm is off.

Cantrell Security: Copy that, 921 Eastland secure, resetting system. What was it?

Chicago PD: All I have here is...plastic bones on the floor.

Cantrell Security: Really? Copy that, case closed, thank-you CPD.

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