Vickie's Haunted Vintage:Part 8 Finale

We left our hero, Joe interrogating Gino---who was found on camera leaving threats in Vickie's trashed shop. Gino confesses and implicates the Russian mob, which forced him to do the dirty deeds.
But, Vickie has been served eviction papers, the lights and heat are off for over half the block and Vickie's Vintage is closed, and her apartment is cold.

Darkness is perpetual on Vickie's Street for over a week. Detective Joe is no where to be found.


Then huddled in their still cold apartment, the girl's see squad cars pull up and down the street, lights blazing. Arrests are made. LOTS of arrests are made, the papers and TV are full of stories of conspiracy, the Russian mob, bogus real estate deals and kick-backs.

Three days later,

Joe: I thought I would stop by, I saw your lights were finally on. I've been kinda busy, but your place looks great! Thanks for hanging on to my vest.


Vickie:You sure have been busy, Joe. According to the paper, your unnamed task force brought down the Russian mob. Why did they want to acquire properties all over the north side? What were they planning to do with them?

Joe:Well, I could tell you that information,Vickie. But, then I would have to lock you up in solitary confinement until the trials. We wouldn't want that. 

Most important, when did you get back in the shop, and well these walls look fantastic.


Vickie: The day after the  arrests, a courier came and gave me the papers for a new lease, paid up until April, and free utilities until then. Apparently, the BMR Corporation purchased all the eviction properties, and wrote us all new leases. Later that day, the management company came and made inspections and the next day repairmen were here. 

You know, Joe, I was worried about you! You didn't call, nothing?


Joe:I'm sorry Vickie, I was busy with all the paperwork, and the evidence trail kept going further and further away and the case bigger and bigger. And, I had to relocate an informer. I'm not used to anyone needing to know where I am, besides my cat.


Vickie: So, I don't rank even with your cat? 
Joe: Um, of course you are dead even. (He smirks)

Zoe: Why don't you two go eat, or something---we can handle the rest of this for tonight. PLEASE!


Joe:I guess you do smell better than my cat? Um, Miss Vickie, now that you are no longer part of my investigation, I suppose we could maybe---date? 

Vickie:I expect it, Detective. Give me your gun, and I will make sure you don't disappear again.


Vickie: Zoe and Carly, please see if you can get the rest of this sorted. The movers will be here tomorrow with the main fixtures and the rest of the stock. Give me a call when you are done and I will come and lock-up. 

Zoe and Carly: Goodnight you two! Thanks Detective Joe!

Upstairs at Vickie's place. 

Vickie: Well, Detective, I suppose I should forgive you since you were making us all safe and arresting the bad guys. (She leans backward and hits the light switch)


Detective Joe:I thought you said the lights were fixed. 


Vickie:Since you are free to date me, now, Officer, then lights should be optional. Are your handcuffs available, so you don't disappear again?

(Click---Click----Detective Joe cuffs Vickie to his wrist)

Detective Joe:You, have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can be used against you in a court of law.... 

Now, I will continue, unless I get a proper kiss, or I will have to take you in.

Vickie:By all means officer, take me..., anywhere, but take me!

~~Never THE END~~

Vickie's Vintage will reopen on Friday, November 25th. 

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