Vickie's Haunted Vintage Pt 7

Part 7

The Skeleton Bash is in full swing and everyone is enjoying the food. Detective Joe in his undercover vest views the scene. Looking for anything unusual.

Vickie:Hey there, Detective Joe, I didn't remember to thank you for the flowers. Do you want to join me for some food before it's all gone?

Joe:Sorry Vickie, I just got a call, your store's been hit again. We need to leave right now. I have my van out back.

 Vickie: Oh no, let's go.

(At Vickie's Haunted Vintage)

Vickie: I don't...(sniff.)..know what I'm going to do. All our hard work is a mess on the floor! Costumes ripped and ruined, and all the decorations are trashed. I'm lucky the new stock is in storage.

Detective Joe: I'm calling in a forensics team, don't touch that sign well, don't touch anything. And I have to see the security tapes. Darn, I should have left the van here tonight.

Joe: I'm sorry Vick, you shouldn't have to go through this, but now we are one step closer to finding out who the perpetrators are, all of them.

Vickie: Joe, I'm so scared. Everything I own is in this shop. My lease is paid until March. I can't afford to be closed now.

Vickie: The only good fortune the dragon has brought me is you!

Joe:That's the precinct calling, the security pics are in---and they have something. I have to go, I will drop you off at the Bash. Make sure you leave there with lots of people, and don't go back to your apartment. I don't know how long I will be. I will talk to you when I have something.

Vickie:Okay, we will stay at the HFIM house on the next block. You know where.

 (Back at the Skeleton Bash)

Vickie: Zoe and Nikki, the shop has been trashed, and well threats have been made. We aren't to go back there tonight. Joe will call when it is safe. 

Zoe: Gosh Vickie, that's terrible. 
Nikki: We can stay at the HFIM house, I know we will be safe there. Just like old times. 

Vickie:Sure, that's what I thought. Okay, let's try and enjoy the rest of the Bash---and keep this quiet, until we know more.

Two days later, Joe finds Vickie emptying the shop and a closed sign up.

Vickie: Don't try and talk me out of closing I have no choice. I received Eviction Papers this morning. I can't reach my landlord either. The heat's not on there either.

 Joe:I can have a Judge put a hold on that, while we wait for this case to break. It's only a matter of time, I'll have someone in custody, soon.

Vickie: Soon isn't soon enough. They are shutting me down, all but the security lights are off, no phone, no heat...I can hardly stand it, now, and it's sunny outside today. Tonight it's supposed to freeze.

Joe:Let me take care of this for you, please. 
Vickie:The damage has been done. I can't do this anymore.

Joe: You've been a rock, don't give up now. Look you almost have this place cleaned all by yourself.
(Vickie looks around the empty shop full of just fixtures.)

Vickie:This is sad, the Christmas tree came this morning, and I had to deny the shipment. (Sigh) Can you help me haul these bins into the apartment, the movers are coming to put the rest in storage tonight.

(They move all the bins to the apartment. Joe answers his phone)
Joe:Wait, we have someone in custody. This could be our break in the case. Put a hold on those movers, okay?

Vickie:Oh Joe, really you think you can fix this? 
Joe:Yes, it can be fixed, we have all the pieces of the puzzle, but one. And the suspect will give it up for sure! I'll make sure he does!

Detective Joe: Well, Gino. We've got you on camera---twice at Vickie's store). With your previous record, you are going to do hard time, now. What do you have to say!

(Security shot of Gino's injured face)

Gino:Oh, Joe, I'm sorry, but they beat me up and threatened to take my sister, and you know....use her.
I couldn't let that happen, not to my little sister. She's only fourteen.  I haven't hurt anyone. I was careful not to hurt anyone.

Joe: That's your right wrist on camera. So, who paid you to do this, and to Sal, too? He gave you a job when no one else would.

Gino: I had to, they'll kill me, or hurt my sister. I wont' tell you, anything.

(Joe slams a fist down on the table) You have to, or I won't be able to protect you or your sister. Write it all down Here.(He points to the paper) Names, places, times, everything you can think of...I've got your sister outside in my office, she's safe. Now, write it all down.

Gino:Teresa is safe, oh man-o-man-o. They are the mob, Joe. The stinkin' Russian mob, and they want that whole corner of the block from Vickie's to Sal's Seafood. They told me to do whatever it took to get Vickie to leave and they would let me live and my sister alone. I don't know who did the rest of those horrible things. 

Are you sure Teresa's okay?

Joe:Write it down, and I will move you both to a safe house tonight.

to be continued......

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