Hi, all Dolly Addicts and Barbie Lovers. 


Seriously, I looked back and have had that camera for over 12 years. 
The camera was a hand-me-down from my husband's job. 

I have taken zillions of photos for: Etsy-shop: BarberryLane and for family holidays, vacations, whimsy, and the last three years photos for my original Blog, OldNewGreenRedo, as well as starting here.  

So, these are rough from the last download or the past. I use all my own photos. 

But, I wanted to update you on what is coming up for  this crazy month of OCTOBER!.

Vickie's Vintage---Vickie's Barbie/fashion doll clothing emporium has been clearing out summer stock, and gearing up for guess what, HALLOWEEN!

Since this is her first year in business, Vickie says, "I have no idea what everyone might want for Halloween, but we have boxes of vintage arriving everyday, and a staff of seamstresses, coming up with some NEW original creations.

Nikki: "I can't wait for the "Skeleton Bash" we are helping sponsor 
the week of October 22nd.

There will be lots of fun and great ideas for the (DOLL) guys and gals with DIY's and how-to's. 

Vickie: I know Monnie and Tory are on the committee for the event, and have asked to use the perfume cabinet for a prop, something about for Merlin's Apothecary.

It's a good thing we are so low on perfume bottle stock. I will have to pull another fixture out for the long-length costumes, anyway.

Nikki: Well, it will make a great spooky cabinet, for sure.  (The cabinet is actually 

a gentle REDO of a Monster High cabinet, see Barbie Boutique here.

Vickie: We will have to move the bottles to the counter, along with some spooky jewelry.
And, the costumes are arriving and we'll get started making this 

Nikki: I can't wait to turn this place into Haunted Vickie's Vintage! I have my eye on one of those gowns. But, promise me no spiders---I hate spiders.

Vickie: I can't promise that-----I won't make you put any spiders up anywhere.

Nikki : Monnie sent over some backdrop photos to maybe use here...she wants you to choose. I like them both.

Vickie: Hmmm, both would look great with spiders hanging from the ceiling, LOL. 

Nikki: Eeeek!

Vickie: I kinda like the spooky green one...that almost looks like blood on the walls. We will have to see what we can find for the walls, but,  I have to watch the expenses.

Nikki: we could use some green on the walls and some black moldy stuff hanging? NOT SPIDERS.

Meanwhile,  a few OLD NEW guys have arrived at the (HFIM) Home For Impoverished Millenials in the last two weeks. Some had cemented hair, especially the first one and Derek. The articulated last one, has had a partial hair cut, and is a candidate for a REDO buzz cut? We will see.
(They get named when their personality is finally achieved through transformation. 
This blog works with doll rescues and used and handmade clothes.)

One of the blonds is an Aidan doll, and of course Dr. McDreamy.

Photo taken from HERE.
Nikki: I wonder which one will want to show up like this costume?

Vickie: It would be a shame to cover-up any of that gorgeous hair on Dr. Dreamy Derek, 
if we can get the 'cement' out of it.

Well that's all for now for Barbie:OLD NEW GREEN REDO today. 
And pray, I can figure out how to work the 'good' camera I have previously not been allowed to touch.
I'd love to hear from you, and will be glad to share and answer any questions.

All the opinions and photographs on this blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. 

 I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions
 or products shown, or from where I shop. 

The dolls shown are from my own and the Grand's  collection as are the clothes, 
which are vintage, or made by myself.

PLEASE do not use photos without linking back to this blog without my permission. 
Thank you for your cooperation, Sandi Magle

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