April 2018 Doll Diorama Finds

I've had some decent luck so far this month."Blessed are those that Spring clean and Donate!"A GREEN thing to do.

I found some cool stuff, in great condition at my favorite thrift stores. This morning, I quick threw everything on the kitchen table, hubby was at a bowling banquet, since I'm banned from the kitchen table.


I found two more wooden votive chairs, the REDO will be NEW seat covers.
 I finally found some NEW adorable Minions tees at a Walmart 15 miles from home.

 Back to the left is a Cherry Blossom three drawer tall cabinet is a Fashion Fever dresser from the 2005-7ish. Mattel mades some great stuff, during this period, clothes and furniture.
Perfect for a theme I've been working on. 
Next to that is a clone mirrored door armoire, that needs a back and shelves. The doors are perfect.


I was very pleased to find this Mattel flexible chair/bed/combo that actually originally came with the Totally Real House, 2005. It has great legs and works in a couple of different ways.


This OLD heavy metal thing was in the candle stick aisle. I have REDO plans to use a Pebo-paint swirled design on this to look like marble. I will do a tutorial on this stuff, if it is successful. 
UPSIDE on this piece, I won't knock it's heavy, and perfect for a coffee table.
(The dolls may bump their shins, though.)


An Ebay find---the recording studio I wanted when it came out and then they disappeared, so fast. Some issue with the music holder, but I will get it working. Otherwise, new and complete for $8.00 and cheap shipping. The bench has storage, the key board is removable and could also make this a work station.. 


This is a fun piece. A 2008 Glam Barbie Vanity. Lights around the mirror light up---phone rings, and music plays all with separate buttons. Everything works, missing are two shelves and accessories, there were apparently a lot in the original. I love the drawers all work.. 
But, for $2.99 with a chair, probably not a match, I will take it as is. Now, REDO the pink.


I swear someone's mother got ticked-off and threw their Barbie stuff in the donation bin. This is complete; a 2007 Barbie Dream house Computer Armoire. Perfect condition. Pull out desk keyboard, mouse, discs, radio, screen and a bunch of decorative accessories, chair, and waste basket. I may add real cork to the doors, but not change much else, other than some details on the accessories. 
This is a really cool piece, my doll's are already fighting over it.


A bag of four small frames, which are pretty nice. I can see using them all, for only $2.99. These are better in a dollhouse than in the dump, a GREEN thing to do.


Really not a bad lot----for thrift store shopping, and one Ebay order.
I can't wait to have a chance to REDO some of these!

How's your hunting going!

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