Fabulous Finds: March 2018 Dolls/clothes

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These dolls and clothes are from my March 2018, Craigslist furniture bundle for $15.00. 

I don't normally hang on to TNT's or dolls with sticky legs. But this group was in very nice shape and worth some TLC. So everyone got a clean up---and freshened.


This adorable gal is an original Totally Hair Barbie 1991? Her hair was trashed, as you can still be seen in the bangs. I combed an entire brown bunny worth of tangles off her, and braided the rest. 


And Totally Hair Ken (the Hair Dresser) 1991? was in original shape, with a tons of DEP still in his hair. I just combed it loose a bit and gave him a washcloth cleaning. 

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Their original outfits are all freshened. Her set turned out pretty well, but I did trim the bottom about an inch. I dipped her braided hair in VERY hot water for a count of 12 seconds, and then plunged it into ice water. A little kinkier than the original crimped setting, but at least it looks nice. She will be on the do not play with He looks great though as is in his original set, just lightly combed.


They are a pretty great looking couple for the 1990's.


These two girls needed a freshen up and a light comb out...!


This Barbie  is a United Colors of Benneton 1990 (I have the pink socks, just didn't like them with this). 
Warning---I washed the outfit in hot water and oxyclean---and all the red flocking disappeared along with 28 years worth of dust. Clearly, this girl had been on display for a long time. 
I'd rather have a flockless outfit and no dust. So I will be keeping her as is.


She has an adorable face with ruddy cheeks! 


Teen Time Skipper in her original clothes (1988) her hair got a slight trim. I think the Skipper on the right is a Tropical Skipper from 1988 and she is wearing a version of a Skipper- So Active Fashion #7981,1985.

Also in that set were a Tropical Ken and Barbie, but their suits need some work, so pardon  their clean naked bodies.


Tropical Ken,Barbie, and Skipper---waiting for their suits to be prepared. (1988)

Here a couple of more  girls from the same lot. Nothing real special here, all TnT's.


But, I had all the pieces to this great outfit (Western Fun fashions pack) from the stash. I have to track down the scarf, that might have went with this!  It had no bag. It's really in perfect shape after a good wash.


A few of the additional clothing pieces I found, all in great condition and freshened. Lots of play and display left in these pieces. I will be looking for the rest of the pink safari outfit--a gold lame??? camisole and trying to figure out what the rest of the pieces are from. 

Thanks for looking!

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