Quick Taco Bar and Hotel Update.

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Quick post on a very fast diorama and a Hotel update.

 I can't emphasize enough how great scrap/book paper is for setting a mood. I wanted to showcase my new/vintage wine glass chairs, which give off a great vintage vibe. And, I wanted to use vintage dolls/Malibu Ken and Malibu Barbie.


Sun and Fun has always been a theme for Malibu. Here I have my couple enjoying Margaritas, tacos and fresh fruit in this Retro beach bar.

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The chairs are made of vintage wine glasses(softer plastic that is squeezable). I used a Dremel Moto-tool and a coping saw to cut the sides off. The seat is a circle with a bit of stuffing and a hot glued fabric to cover. 

I will show these again when I do 'Patrick's Bar' which will be located in the basement of the Hotel. After I took these photos, I did a quick coat of clear brush on acrylic sealer on the glasses to mask the cuts and sanding marks which then disappeared.


The table is a round top from a large wood circle from 
Walmart (99cents) and 2 coats of black gloss brushing paint. 
The base is a candle holder, just the right size. I use poster stickup to put the top on the table so that I can take it apart for storage. 
Add dishes and nummy looking cake topper/candle margaritas...and some Barbie food, and they are all set for a great meal!

Taco Bar Diorama

2 hinged/foldable foam core walls covered in white contact paper.
2 pieces of 12x12 scrapbook paper
2 wine glasses made into chairs (cardboard, stuffing, glue, fabric)
1 6" wood circle (Walmart) black acrylic paint
Poster stickup tape
1 vintage black candle holder for table base (thrift store)
Margarita candles
Barbie dishes food
plastic table cloth bits
1 plant with tropical foliage--bits and pieces in a thrift store vase
contact paper floor (I just rolled out a piece on the table top with backing still on.)

Malibu Ken in vintage shirt/pants
Malibu Barbie in Sparklz dress with Barbie shoes and vintage purse

I spent 10 hours in the doll room yesterday working on the HOTEL! After not being in the craft room for over 8 months last year...I'm still catching up. It's one of those messes, that will be a mess until it all falls together! One thing is taking photos---shows me all sorts of things I have to deal with, I didn't see except through the camera's eye. 


I'm working hard on the many things that have to be done for a Beauty Salon, Bakery/Coffee Shop, and two apartments and the public spaces. I find myself bouncing around between walls and furnishings and those tiny details. 

One apartment is almost ready to photo...and Colette and Emilie are quite excited to reveal their BoHo Parisian taste! Just have to add those personal touches! 

Doors and walls, railings, inside have been a challenge. Down the road, I will be remaking all the walls of plywood, with channels on the base like I did for Vickie's Vintage. The goal is always to be portable and able to be stored folded up! Again, the Hotel is on a 54" x 24" piece of plywood. YIKES! 

And the lighting...I have opted for LED magnet lights(which didn't stick, and now they are up with permanent foam tape, which I hope I can remove when I need to change batteries.) 
The magnet on one didn't stick, fell down on the switch and turned on all the lights. By the time I found it, I had burned out 15 AAA batteries...again, YIKES!
I have to get this done before planting season---because Spring Yard clean up this year will be monumental and we have the new RL greenhouse to fill! 

Thank you for visiting, I will try and respond to every question and comment. 

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  1. Your wine glass chairs turned out great! But I have to say, my eye immediately went to those fantastic margaritas!!! Have fun:@)

    1. Thanks so much, Lynn. I did them a couple of weeks ago--but never got the photos taken. I'll be doing more and show how down the road. Basically you get two chairs on one charge of the Dremel Tool....sigh! Walmart occasionally has those Margarita candles---they didn't have them this week, but I know they are there now and then.


Thanks so much for each and every comment, and I will try and answer any questions you may have.