Count down to Halloween!

Nemo and Rory are shopping for costumes, at least Rory is...? 

Nemo: I'm going  as a football coach!

Rory: You ARE a football coach!

Nemo: Um, I'm a teacher, too. 


El: Rory, here is the costume you had on hold.

Rory: Look...the color is gorgeous. I want to go as a Mermaid and Nemo, you can be a Fisherman...look at these faux waders.


Nemo: I don't know...I don't even want to go to this faculty party.


Rory: This will be the first time I meet all your friends and co-workers. 

Nemo: will look great in that. I do have my dad's fishing stuff. I guess we can make it work!


El: How about this little guy!

Nemo: Cool, he can go in my pocket. We'll take it all.


Vickie: Great job!

El: Here this is all Rory and Nemo's to check out. They are still looking around.


Patrick: Hi, I'm lookin for some decorations for my bar area!


El: How about our potion shelf, we have lots of fun jars and bottles, and some spooky critters.
( 15 minutes later))

El: Wow, when you make up your mind.... I don't know if we can fit all this in this box.


Patrick: It will have to, I walked over and I won't be able to carry more than this.


El: Oh, where is your bar? 

Patrick: I'm doing the bar for the StoneWall party on Halloween over at the GrandView

El: Over at the Grand View.  I haven't been in there yet, I'm new to the neighborhood. We've been so busy here,  and with school. I haven't had time to explore the area.


Patrick: If you aren't busy on Halloween, stop over and you can be my guest, or maybe I can put you to work. Masks required and vaccines. It's a Condo party for all the shop owners and residents.

El: Maybe, I'm going to a dinner but afterward? Do I have to be in costume?

Patrick: Nope---come as you are, see you then! Thanks for all the help!


Rory: Wow, Patrick, you made a haul. When's your  bar/lounge finally going to open?

Patrick: Most of the work is done, we are waiting on some inspections and some plumbing issues. Hopefully I can open by Thanksgiving weekend.

Nemo: Well, let me know if I can help---you know I'm pretty handy. And football will be over in a few weeks.

Patrick: Thanks, I might need everyone to help me.


Rory: Well, I think we have everything? 

Nemo: Yep, Vickie said they are going to make this a guys store and vacation wear. Their prices are pretty good, and this sure is close to the house. Let's go, I'm starving!

Rory: You are always---starving!

(Late in the Day)

Lara: Thanks for holding this for me. I wanted to wear something that was just fun for the StoneWall party!  I think we have sold all the tickets!


Vickie: Lots of people from the GrandView have been in. I don't think we will have enough costumes. 

Belle: Sounds like fun, Lara! 


Lara: I'm not sure what all is happening, I've been so busy on other projects. BMR has me running around the whole northside. I left Vanessa in charge. 

Belle: Well, BMR is certainly making changes to the neighborhood for the better. I for one will be relieved to see them finish the HFIM house. 

Lara: Well, it will depend on permits with the city with all the changes we want to make to that property.

Belle: Well, I hope it goes through, so I can pay off my loan debt.

Lara: Let's cross our fingers, it all goes smoothly!  See Ya!


Trish: Gosh, the dungeon is getting empty...!

El: I know, we are bringing stock down from upstairs now. I hope we have enough to stay open. I hope to make up some 80's costumes from some odds and ends we have.

Trish: Well, we are having a family party out on the farm in the barn. First time everyone will be together since the pandemic. I'm closing the Blue Sprinkling can on Saturday. 

El: I saw you were even getting low on pumpkins. 

Trish: Well, we open again for Christmas trees and decor on the 26th. So I really need the time to get my customs ready for my corporate clients. I wish we didn't have to rush into the holidays. They are already putting lights up downtown.

El: I know-retail is always a RUSH. We are opening this level up for guys' stuff, and some resort wear. At least that's Vickie's plan! 


Trish: That's a great idea---I know there isn't anywhere to get guys' things around here. Maybe I can get my brother's something here for Christmas!

(After the downstairs level is closed and the doors locked, Vickie calls a quick meeting of her staff)


Vickie: First I want to thank you all for all your help! (Clapping). 

So far the dungeon has been a big success, and I think we will not have to keep it open after Saturday. El's in charge of the reset for down stairs and the website is already setting the open date for November 16. I think we have enough men's stock to open, and we can be fluid with the floor plan and expand the vacation area. I think we can include some ski-wear besides the resort wear towards Christmas to fill in.

I think we will keep the men's items off the website for now, and try and serve the community here. So many guys have been here for Halloween, and everyone is getting the flyers for this level reopening.


Does anyone have any problems or ideas? And, has the schedule been working for you all?


Zoe: The bridal boutique needs more dresses, and I'd like to bring more shoes and accessories up there. 

Vickie: Great, and let's keep the jewelry on the main floor though. 

Carly: Are we still planning on stocking on Monday? 

Vickie: Only if we don't get the upper floors done during the week. I think we will all need a few days off after Halloween. If that's all, thanks again!  Plan on dressing a bit warmer, as I don't know how well the heat will work with all three floors. Outside, it dropped 40 degrees today, so I hope you don't all freeze going home! Don't forget we are having dinner at my house on Sunday.

Goodnight and thanks again. 


Vickie: El, I'm still planning on being in the dungeon tomorrow, you are doing a great job!

El: Thanks! I thought dinner was Saturday. Great, now I can go to the GrandView party on Saturday night. Patrick invited me. Do you know if he is single or was he just being nice? 

Vickie: He's definitely single and a very focused guy. Have fun! But, first we ALL have to survive the next four days! Thank goodness holidays only come once a year! 

Are your Dolls going to any Halloween Parties?

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  1. Love-love-love that corduroy jacket! Even if last minute, sounds like everyone's Halloween plans are coming together:@)

    1. Hi, Lynn. The jacket is really vintage, like early Ken and 60's. But, they are quite a few floating around because so few Ken fashions were made, but LOTS were made of the ones they did make! Thanks for visiting!, Sandi


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