HFIM House: Basement Apartment 1

In the walk-out basement of the four-story townhouse/mansion, in the newest-unfinished studio apartment...


Ryan: Monnie, how do you like our new apartment, lol, hole in the wall, room. (Stares at the hole in the wall temporary window.)


Monnie: It's great, but we could still use a closet, but there just isn't any room. But, I now have a space for my drafting table.


(Barbie drafting table found in a mixed bag of furnishings for $3.99 at a thrift store.)

(I sticky foam topped the table and tools made from sticky felt, foam, plastic office dividers, mechanical pens from bamboo skewers. Tray on right side for mechanical pencils, and left side paper/tool holder from small clear plastic containers, cut.)  see Back to School:supplies


Ryan: It's been ages since I drew on a board. Why not use a CAD drafting program. 


Monnie: I do for final 3-dimensional renderings, but when I'm visualizing a space, I like to sketch a bit. It's cool we have a printer down here now, though.  

What do you think about some whitish paneling in here to warm up this little hole, we are a calling our home/office? And getting a new window---soon, before a street person decides to move-in.


Ryan with mouth full: Shurrr, yea to the paneling, and yes, to the window. I can install it when I'm done eating.

Monnie: Great, I will order the 'paneling' tomorrow. We can squeak it out of the budget, since we sent back all that wood flooring, and this red table has to go---it's too big for in here. Maybe, Nemo could build a nice wall unit, with a drop down table? 

Ryan: Nemo has football from now on. He's JV defensive coach and assistant for the varsity this year. I haven't seen him all week. 

A wall unit would be great and make this HFIM house sellable, if we ever get everything done. Maybe the new guys, Danny or Aidan would have time. We have to keep everyone busy and we need another meeting, soon with everyone, if that's possible, maybe Saturday morning?
Oh, and the doors are being delivered on Wednesday.

Monnie: I don't think we ever knew how complicated this idea would be of rehabbing these properties together and living in them while we do it. But, then you and I wouldn't have had to work so closely together. 

How about, (she jumps up on the bed) we try this new bed out?


Ryan: Well there is the window, 


and my stuff to put away? 

Monnie: Don't you think we have put this off long enough, Ryan?


Ryan: (Jumps up and rushes to the corner and grabs the still boxed window.)

I want you to myself and not for a performance street show. Darling, just hold that thought! 


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