Plans: Vickie's Vintage Addition Part I

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Hi, All. Some things going on with the dolls, slow but sure!


Finally, the girls empty Vickie's Vintage for the construction of a second floor for a bridal/formal salon. Holds on construction have been due to typical Chicago building code snags and decisions.


Back at Vickie's townhouse---
Richelle presents storyboards for choosing surfaces for the new construction.

Richelle: This board I call 'pearly'...with a bit of dull gold trim.
Vickie: I like the flooring, it looks to be the similar to the HFIM house. 


Vickie: This pearlized paper would be pretty in the dressing rooms. 


I love the flooring


Ah, this will be a great blend with the existing silvered cement floors on the main level. This model really gives me an idea of what it might look like.


Richelle: Well, this is the 'silver' board, all dulled surfaces, except this glittered paper.
Vickie: Oh, that is too much glitter, I like this softer one below though. I see you used the same flooring. I really the like the look of the silver palette.


Richelle: Yes, this goes well with both palettes. And is durable and luxurious.


Richelle: Here is my suggested layout for the upstairs with display closets and racks along the back wall, with seating banquettes at the railings. A center dais in front of a huge tri-fold mirror. Two massive chandeliers should light the entire balcony and will show through the exterior windows.


Richelle: (Holding her breath) I hope you like it, so we can go forward. I actually have a source for the closets. We can decide on the details, as we go along. I have to check with BMR Ltd. and see what will be considered as building improvements and to get their okay.


Vickie: Can we make the closets portable, or is that impractical? I've had three changes since the shop started. I've really learned to be modular. 

Richelle: The source closets I have in mind are pretty flexible. We could put them on wheels under the kick plate, but we will have to anchor them to the walls then for safety, maybe with a locking mechanism.

Vickie: So many decisions. What were you planning to use for railings?

Richelle: Clear acrylic to keep it nice and airy. I was hoping to find clear banquettes, also. 

Vickie: Hmmm, I really like that idea. Nothing to obstruct the view of the new level. Great, whatever is feasible and okay with the building codes. BMR has been super---Ms.Roberts wants to do renewal on this entire block. Richelle, you've done a fabulous presentation, I love it all. Let me know when I can see these closets. 


Richelle: Well, I'm so thankful for the referral to work for you and BMR, it's a great start for my career.

Vickie: What about your wedding? I thought it was going to be next month?

Richelle: We are both so busy with work, we've bumped it to sometime in fall, maybe October. My Dad and Uncle are both really busy from now on until then. (Sigh)

Vickie: If you haven't found a wedding dress, maybe you can be my first customer.

Richelle: I hope so---! LOL, if we get all our projects, done!
Vickie: Now, l love the board you made for the for the townhouse. I can't wait to start on at least the floors now, and cover the couch with that turquoise fabric you brought. It's perfect.

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  1. This is so fun! I love that they have design boards! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks so much Jann, yea the boards were fun to make!


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