Moving out of the HFIM house

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Hi, Everyone.

The gang is busy packing up the House for Impoverished Millennials house. While the move takes place, they will do some renovations. paint some trim, hang drapes, and redo the lighting. Seriously not much headroom downstairs with those lights. 

Nemo works on chair, Belle is folding up the linens, and Aidan is working on the mattresses.

Not too many more pieces to move. Who ever glues a lamp to a table? 

Ian: Hurry up with that, I need help with this couch!

Aidan and Belle work together to move the mattresses.

Down stairs, Nemo says, "Only these chairs and then the piano."

Phew,  that was a bunch of work.....!
Richelle says, "Especially that piano....anyone up for pizza? 

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  1. Love reading your posts and seeing what your dolls are up to

  2. Thanks so much, they are pretty much scattered everywhere right now. Hope to get back to posting soon. Thanks for visiting, Sandi

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