Seven Days and Six Nights: Part Two-the Hut


Day 1-after trekking up the huge hill to their treetop cabana on their isolated island. Vickie and Joe unpack and get cleaned up. Sitting down to enjoy some snacks provided by the resort located on the mainland.


Joe: So after a shower and getting unpacked, are you in a better mood?

Vickie: Hmmph, um, yes, I'm just chewing. These fish tacos are nummy. Where did they come from?

Joe: It's part of the package---food is delivered in coolers each morning---all you have to do is heat it up or grill it. We won't lack for anything. They will even pick up the cooking pots and our refuse when they come.


Vickie: Hmmm, Wow, no dishes. I was wondering where the dishwasher was. That uphill is a bit daunting, but I have to confess the shower in the back was divine...and from a water tower, who would have thought, the temperature was perfect. And, thanks for unpacking, I'm just bushed. 

Joe: I know I love it here, no phones, no TV, no anyone...just us and nature. We just have to remember to lock up any food, or we will be invaded by the monkeys. They seem to think we are here for their entertainment. 

Joe: I think we have plenty of provisions, we can always catch our own fish or find fruit. You never starve in the jungle.


Vickie: Seems to me, they have thought of everything, I really mostly brought swim suits. Tomorrow all I want to do is lay on the beach, please.


Joe: I agree, we have plenty of time to explore the island and do some fun things? We have the whole island.

Vickie: Fun things? I'm not going to play survivor with you...that's for sure. 


Vickie: I do love the Pirates of the Caribbean decor...old and functional...really quite a mix. What's the can for?

Joe chuckled: That's where you put your sink water from the bowl. That will be emptied by the staff tomorrow and each morning after. We can just rinse our dishes off. We keep the basic table service, but everything else gets removed, dirty. Part of Costa Rica's charm is they are entirely eco-friendly. No unnecessary waste and everything is reused. We will be refilling our water bottles from the spring which is pure. 


Vickie: So the kitchen is really just that table? 

Joe: Yep, and the grill. 


Vickie: No coffee maker? I can't survive without coffee, Joe.

Joe: We are in the land of Costa Rican coffee, I'll make drip grind tomorrow, you will see, it's the best.


Vickie: If it's half as good as these cocktails, I'll be happy.


Joe: Do you want some wine, or stick to the cocktails? The sandwiches are good too. I was famished.


Joe: And isn't the view fabulous?


Joe: I was afraid we were never going to be able to get away. I hope you aren't disappointed?

Vickie: The food is wonderful.  Joe, it's really perfect. I was just so hot and tired earlier. It's been a long day! And the view is amazing from up here.

Joe: I know, but we have to watch the sunset, best part of being on the Pacific side.


Vickie: This sure is a side of you--I didn't know. My man likes sunsets!


Joe: Especially when it is reflected in your eyes.


Vickie(Swoon): To seven days in paradise escaping together. 

Joe: By all means, and don't forget six nights!


Vickie: Aw Joe, right on cue, the sun dips down into the ocean...ooops the lights are flickering.

Joe: Don't you think it's time for bed---since the generator is running out of power. They will bring more petrol in the morning, too.

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Dishes get put away, clothes are tossed to the side.


Vickie: Do you mind I forgot to pack a nightie?

Joe LOL: Well, I sleep commando you mind?


Vickie: (giggle) Of course not---but I'm not going nude on the beach, no matter what you say---deserted or not.
Joe: Wait until you have been laughed at by a monkey---that really puts you in your place. There's one back by the shower that catcalls me, and then laughs...!

(to be continued)

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