Seven Days and Six Nights Part One-Arrival


Last Christmas, Joe's present to Vickie was tickets to Costa Rica for February.


 His under cover work with the Chicago Police Department interfered, 
and so did the delay on Vickie's shop remodel. 
 Finally, this June they traded the tickets in for 
Seven days and six nights on their own island. 
(Seems, Joe's got connections!)


After a long day of traveling by limo, plane, rickety bus, motorboat, they get dropped off on the beach of their own island get-away. It's been a long day.

Joe: What do you have in here, I thought we decided to travel light?


Vickie: Well Joe, even bikini's have accessories. Looks like everything we need is here except for a roof, a shower, air-conditioning???


Joe: Ha! We do have everything, a, me, 


 a cooler full of drinks...what more do you want?


Vickie: Gorgeous or not, I'm not sleeping on the beach. And I really need a shower. (What did I get myself into?)


Vickie: I'm sorry Joe, I'm just dehydrated, we've been traveling since 4 AM, I'm really bushed. Please tell me, where are we staying?


Vickie: "Up Where??? I wish I had brought boots, instead of these heels."


Joe: "Well you can't go barefoot, snakes and stuff. It's just up that hill, about 250 feet up. The view should be spectacular."


Vickie puts on a brave face: "Okay, Joe. You're the ex-marine, lead on through jungle...


...up the cliffs, OMG. HOW HIGH (and why can't I go barefoot, snakes.....ugh?)

(to be continued)

DIY Diorama: I kept this pretty simple. 

Beach background is a reprint from Morguefiles, printed in 4 enlarged parts and placed on foam core.
Fence: Thrift store wooden dish dryer
Decking: Bamboo placemats
Sand: 4 sheets of scrapbook paper. 
Rocks: Just rocks, lol.
Trees and Bushes: assorted bits of artificial greenery and plants.
Netting on fence: potato/onion bags
Accessories: Mostly, all vintage Mattel, except GI Joe fins.  The Hammock, drinks, cooler table-new.
Vickie: Sparkles top and vintage (Barbie?) skirt-fabric matches 1960's Midge swimsuit.
Joe: Ken zipper linen trousers 1960's, top Ken top. Carrying vintage Ken garment bag and matching suitcase. Well worn, Joe travels a lot. 

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