Seven Days and Six Nights: Part 4 Biking and Selfies

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DAY 4 on the island.
Vickie and Joe take off on the bike to explore the island.

Joe: Have we got everything?

Vickie: Well, I really wanted to take the hammock. (Giggle)


"Left foot first, ready set, pedal." 


Joe: Let me get some pictures of you by the waterfall.  


Vickie: Hurry up, my hat is getting wet.


Joe: Great, how about you take the hat off and sit down?


Vickie: Sure, after that long bike ride, I can sit by a cool waterfall.


Joe: How about over the shoulder?


Vickie: How many are goin got take???


Vickie: How about some pics of you?


Ahhhhhhh......! Smile!

(Joe turns shy and settles for a selfie)

Vickie: Come on Joe, smile! This is such a fun day.

(to be continued)

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