DIY Diorama: Vickie and Joe's a work in progress!

Vickie and Joe the first day in their condo, which is currently on two shelves in the craft room.

Like many millennials, Vickie and Joe have moved in together. They are officially engaged---and aren't in any hurry to get married. The 'townhouse' they are in resides on two shelves in the craft room. 

Upstairs is a bedroom, still basically under construction. And, well a little bit of hers and a lot of his. Joe is older and has traveled extensively. His furnishings reflect this, it's nice he likes vintage---since that's what Vickie's business is about.

They keep rearranging the bathroom dressing room and still haven't decided if these are the fixtures to use. Joe loves the old handmade so speaks, "I'm manly furniture!" Not real sure on the pink shower...or the pink closet, or the pink sink. 
 I say, "How can I be a Barbie collector and hate pink, but I do."

Here's another the little chair.(one of those jewelry boxes)..we will see how this space comes together. The toilet won't be here until later in the month. (toilets are so hard to come by)

So far we are all liking this arrangement the best? Vickie needs a shoe rack know a girl and her shoes!

Downstairs---the kitchen has come together---Vickie isn't a big cook, but likes the lines on this counter set. and the slimmer refrigerator and microwave. Open shelving works great and of course there is under counter shelving.  The table works for now---they would like something a bit larger to have friends over.
The bamboo shelf with the vintage Japanese tea set is their favorite! Joe picked up all these items while stationed in Japan.

Joe's career in the service took him all around the world. 
Some of the items are from Germany, 
the Mid East, Japan and Asia. A large wall mural is on order---they are secretive about that.

The furniture is non-Mattel, but from the 1960's (Ebay). 
I used some batik fabric for the cushions. Vickie and Joe, say they are very comfortable.

Vickie and Joe say, "Thanks for visiting! Come again for dinner sometime!"


Wall shelving units are drawer dividers and mini shelving---vintage from thrift stores. I never pass  these up, even if I don't have an immediate use for them. The living room unit was a glass covered shadow box, I removed the hinges and the cover and just cleaned it up.

Living Room:
Tea chest/desk in living room. This was an extravagant purchase of $6.99 at a Savers. It has incredible hardware, lots of drawers and a drop leaf door that makes it work as a desk for 1:6 scale.

Couches chairs/vintage 1960's on eBay. I have since seen this in a lighter wood color also--great mid-century design. Plastic is quite brittle at this point--not recommended for children or klutzy collectors. I have super-glued them together at this point.

Flooring is IKEA placemats.

Kitchen: Counter is from 2008 Mattel Barbie TV Chef-(minus the lighting)-I replaced the graphics with dull silver cardboard and put shelves underneath. I also weighted the base down with some heavy metal hardware taped into the corners, otherwise it tipped over too easily. I added chain-hooks to the light bar for tools and copper pans. It was in bare bones shape when I found it.

Light above--one of those glue on battery lights.

Refrigerator is Mattel from 2008, (TV Chef) I think this was released in many sets. It has the flip microwave, for making raw plate into a cooked dish. Inside all the shelving was missing, and I made replacements from plastic odds and ends, even a meat drawer.

Kitchen shelves are slowly being stocked---I'll do a post when all done.

Table and chairs-a Mattel current set still available, I silver taped on top of the beige table top and covered the hot pink chair seats. (I have maybe 5 sets of these now)---when they are $8.88 I grab one.

Bamboo shelf--A thrift store find.  I swear it was made for this 7-piece Japanese tea set I found in an antique mall for $7.00. Small Geisha doll under glass, bought at GoodWill for 50 cents.

Bedroom: --I spray painted the bed white, bedding is the reverse side of the vacation hut bedding. 
The white Bamboo chair is from a non-Mattel set--70's updated with new cushion. Joe's robe is very old Vintage Ken. 

Bedroom light fixture: is two clear creamer bottoms fitted together with a set of seed lights inside. Everything is stuck together with double faced foam-tape and clear double-stick tape. The seed lights are the kind with the tiny flat disk and a flat LED battery---so no weight. Not really Kid safe---but seems to be working fine for an adult---I like the soft light it gives off!

Carpet: Thrift store placemats, I bought an entire roll (6) of these with original labels still on in 6 different colors. I think I have used them all somewhere or another.

Dressing Room and Bathroom:

Wood dresser-handmade vintage as found 
Closet---Barbie closet---there was a glut of these on the thrift market two years ago,---now I haven't seen any for months. 

Shower: Mattel Glam shower 2008, I think.

Sink: 2009 Mattel---Glam Dream sink--love the round mirror on this, but I think they are a double sink couple?

Toilet: on the way! And we need storage and towels, and....

All the tiny goodies---I've picked up in thrift stores, here and there---I'm a magpie when it comes to collecting 
anything small a dollar or under.


  1. I love the fabric you used for the livingroom furniture! The condo is coming together nicely:@)

    1. Batiks are so expensive now--12.99 a yard, when they show up in the quarter yard squares for $1.00 I grab them. Thanks for visiting!

  2. I can tell you are having so much fun with these projects! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

    1. Well, vintage is vintage, LOL. Thanks for visiting!

  3. I enjoyed seeing your treasures. I have used that batik material for summer outfits for grands' 18" dolls! I love 1/12" scale and can SOOO relate to upcycling real world things for my dollhouse people! I'm not a purist when it comes to scale. I remember years ago that it took me an hour to dust my parlor; in my real life, I have a living room. The parlor was in the dollhouse and using Q-tips between furniture spindles took SOOO long!

    1. LOL, Kathy-----um Q-Tips...there is the opposite end of that spectrum---you might be a redneck've used a leaf blower for dusting the living room!


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