Hi, Friends and fellow Bloggers! It's been awhile since I posted stories. Here's what they have been up to the last two weeks!

Vickie and Joe finally have their apartment ready for company, and Mulan is their first guest.


Mulan: Thank you so much Vickie and Joe for inviting me for Tea. I brought this vase as, how you say, 'House Warming' present. When you said Joe had many things from the East, I thought this was appropriate.


Joe: Why, thank you, Mulan. It's perfect, you always have impeccable taste. We like the condo, it isn't very big but, the views are great and it's closed to work for both of us.


Mulan: Your welcome, how do you like your new job, Detective?


Vickie: Well, I for one love it, we actually see each other, and he is home most nights. And, I love the vase it has just the right shades of green, I may use it in the bedroom. We still haven't done the bathroom, everything needs to be will have to wait for a slow weekend. The shop has been so busy!


Joe: We have been busy, Vick. It's taken forever to unpack and get things just right. And, only thing I don't like about being a Detective is I can't drop in on Vickie at the shop during the day. Plus, I have to wear a suit and tie, and it's been a very hot summer! I'll bring lemon and honey with the tea, anyone want ice?


Vickie: Does anyone want some Saki? 

Meanwhile back at the HFIM house---the girls have been 
Cleaning all the windows in the conjoined houses, the three stories and two stories above ground---and it's HOT!

Christie: It's September, I thought California was hot. When is this Midwest Fall weather going to show up? I'm tired of these 90's.


L to R Rory, Barbie, Belle, Midge, Christie(B's sis)

Rory: I don't know, it has been pretty beastly. It was way too hot to do more windows today, though. I think I'm wilted!

Belle: Whose idea was it to have all windows on the backside of the house, anyway! 

Rory: HERS...(she looks at Barbie!)

Midge: Do we have to do the basement apartments??? Can't the boys do their own, down there? There's only four windows???


Rory: You know they won't get around to it. Nemo has either practice, clients, or a game--ALL the time. We never see each other except when he grunts at me at breakfast. I have rehearsals every night this week and Saturday. And, can someone pick up some supplies tomorrow?


Barbie: Sure, Rory. And, the big windows Were my fault...I chose them, since a bunch of small ones was going to be more expensive. All I know is we saved mega bucks, by cleaning them ourselves. Do we still have paper towels?  

Belle: This is the last roll, and we are out of cleaner too except for what is in the bucket.

Collective sigh of relief, as it starts to rain and the girls 
put off DO IT YOURSELF, for another day.

Upstairs a hot frazzled Sindy sits down and gets some work done.

Sindy: Let's see if I can find some cups for the Bakery Coffee Shop? Do I want blue or white, LilyCat, or do I want a mixture. If I buy a mix...then if one breaks it will be easy to replace. Hmmmmm, so many colors to choose.  And then, placemats or table cloths, rectangular trays or round??? Recycled paper napkins or printed ones....Yikes, so many choices! I have so many things to order!

LilyCat: Meoooow, meow, meow!


Sindy: You're hungry, I know kitty, just a few minutes more. I just have to get these orders out. I never know when we will be able to occupy the Bakery and I'm so excited and nervous.

LilyCat: MEEEEEoooOwwwwww!


I'm really glad though, I won't have to do more windows...phew...let's go downstairs, and find you some kibble.

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  1. Ha, ha, couple things... Those eyelashes on Midge still jump out and I love her hair color. The flats on Rory are adorable and I had to laugh at the itty box of Reynolds wrap. Also have to say, Joe looks a little... stiff... I don't think he likes entertaining:@)


    1. I agree---poor old Joe is a very early GI Joe and his joints are really loose, so I have to use a stand, and the clothes are always a problem....then again, he was more comfortable in undercover civvies...thanks for stopping by.


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