What a Diva! Warning doll Nakeditty.

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Well, it' Diva, Colette, has put a stop to all the doll stories---UNTIL SHE GETS A WARDROBE! I looked online, but there wasn't really anything or everything with 'her demands  would be very expensive. More power to all those doll couture artists out there, but I don't pay more for doll clothes than on my own. 


Colette: You leave me naked with all dees NOT CLOTHES piles of fabrique!

One of the frustrations of working with this doll, besides her own Diva-ness is her wardrobe. What you don't see below is the pins and clips holding this wonderful Fashion Avenue outfit together. 


And the capris barely cover her knees.

Colette (Jazz Baby Diva-2007) is really a skinny---tall---weird bodied Barbie. It seems Colette received a new Barbie Pivotal body in 2007 along with a few other Jazz Babies, and then that body was never seen again?.

I decided to do some comparisons with my own various doll (Mattel) types.

After pouring over my vintage patterns and new ones, I dragged out my dolls to measure and  compare.

L-R to the right tape. 
1959 no.3 original body at 11 1/4",with feet for heels.

1966 TNT body 11 3/4" tall with bendable rubber legs which was used well into the 1990's, with feet for heels.
  A Pivotal with a body started in the 1990's 11 1/2" tall (this body type originally came with straight hands and also a flat foot version),  this Nikki has the hands that move and copyright of 2009.

Last, I have put Colette with her 12" skinny pivotal body 2007 with fixed ankles and feet for only heels. 


L-R the doll body I dislike the most---the Model Muse 11 3/4" which started copyrighted 2003 and came out in 2004. They have lots of gorgeous faces, clothing and personalities, but simply are HARD to dress and legs are barely moveable and mine lock together. Feet for heels only. And, I have very little clothing which looks good on her. I swap out MM bodies and use the heads, immediately now. Also. unless they are standing and posing they are useless in a doll story!

The next blond is the New Made to Move 11 1/2" with feet extended for heels, but does wear flats. First MTM's appeared on the scene in 2016, they have been tweaked a bit over the years.

Dark hair and curls Luci Hernandez is a MTM and looks taller because of hair.

Next is a Tall Fashionista 12" with flat feet. from last year.
Last is Curvy 11 1/2" Ella Fitzgerald with her curvy MTM body. 

I have tons of vintage patterns for 11 1/4" original Barbie. And lots that fit the TNT's. I am capable of adjusting patterns, and even drafting them ====but I'm planning to just tweak some. 

I chose five to measure for adjusting patterns.
Doll Measurements:
                    Jazz Baby      MTMove   Curvy MTM    Original     TNT

Height                12"            11 1/2"        11 1/2"           11 1/4"      11 3/4"
Waist to heel      7 1/8"        7"                6 3/4"              6 3/4"        6 5/8"
nape to waist      2 1/2"        2 1/8"          2 1/4"              2 1/2"        2 1/4"
shoulder             2 3/8"        2 1/4"           2 3/8"             2 3/8"        2 3/8"
arm to wrist       3 3/4"        3 3/8"           3 3/8"             3 1/8"         3 1/8" 
Bust                   4 3/4"        4 7/8"           5 5/8"             5 3/8"         5 1/2"
Waist                  3 1/2"        3 3/4"          4 3/8"             3 3/8"          3 1/4"
Hip                     4 3/4"        5 1/8"          6"                    4 3/4"          4 7/8"
Inseam               5 3/4"        5 1/4"           5 3/8"             5"                5 1/2"


Me: So, you are leggy, skinny, and wonder nothing fits you.
Sigh! So is this what we have to pick from...

Colette: In Paree, we not wear all dees colors! But, I do perform and will luv sparkles and how you say metals...nooo, metallics!  


Colette: I vant neutrals, natural fibers, cashmere knits, fur, and silks. And tailored clothes...with style.

Me: Well, my dear, let's just imagine these are linen...(not cottons and blends).


Me: (Scarves) Again, imagine some linen and cutaway silks.
Colette: Zee silk with zee fringe, Magnifique!


Colette: Zee gray is lovely, the blue/black silk eez subtle, purple eez, tooo purple. (groaning swoon, here).
Sparklez are perfect, lights will bounce off seez under spotlights.


Me: How about this selection I made yesterday after I drove to Joann's 16 miles away. 
Colette: Hmmm, dee mirrors are nice, purple with gold interesting. Black shantung, please into pantaloons. Zee lavender/silver?, not so sure.


Me: How about the platinum and silver?
Colette: Perhaps on zee bias, and very drapey...with stone straps...?
Me: You don't expect much, do you? (Colette ignores this)


Colette: Zee 'homme' plaid, leather, and 'charcoal' silk has possibilities. LUV zee leather!


Me: How about this gorgeous piece and the two at the bottom?

Colette: Hmmm, zee large piece looks like a Chagall, the others would depend, daywear perhaps, or at home? Please hurry, I'm tired of pins and clips...and my legs expose in short dresses! Sigh!

Me: Well, we will see what we can do???

Dear Reader, I plan on posting successes and failures, and redrawing the patterns for your use when I succeed. I honestly couldn't find any online patterns for Jazz babies, without going into Fashion Royalty, Integrity, or some of those which aren't right either.

Do you have a doll, who is DEMANDING? 

Thank you for visiting, I will try and respond to every question and comment. I will be doing further posts on tutorials for the Hotel and contents.

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  1. OMG, aren't they ~all~ divas!!! I look forward to seeing your fashions, I'm sure Colette will be very stylish! I only have one real marketed Barbie clothes pattern and honestly, it still intimidates me, so it has never been cut. I have to laugh, the doll you like the least is the first one that caught my eye:@) I like the pose. Although I do agree, the articulated bodies are much better for pictures. Have a great weekend Sandi!

    1. Granted the MM is gorgeous---but mine has locked legs, and is simply impossible to dress. She's waiting for a new body...but she has a tan shade, I haven't matched up with yet. I've cut quite a few things out. And, ended up using lots of old patterns from the 60-70's and just making them longer and shortening the darts, we will se how it goes when i start sewing? Thanks, Sandi

  2. Oh boy have you got your work cut out for you Sandi!!! Great fabrics, it's going to be difficult knowing which to choose, but no doubt Colette will set you straight.
    I don't know much about Barbies, having never owned on myself, but I'm sure (as Mattel constantly seem to be changing them) there will never be a single Barbie that's perfect for everyone.
    Big hugs,

    1. I'm not really a Barbie collector. But, I live in Chicago...and visited blues clubs way-back-when. And this doll is portrayed as a singer...I fell in love with her as I immediately developed a storyline in my head. When she arrived, I was really wondering why nothing fit her, as the rest of the dolls---even through the years could mostly fit each other's clothes. She was just an anomaly. And, yes the dolls have certainly changed. Thanks so much for stopping by, this should be a taxing but fun project! Sandi

  3. Hi, Linda, if the jazz baby body was used again, I couldn't find a reference about it. I wonder if this wasn't a backlash to the Integrity, FR and Poppy explosion in 2007? And, yes, they are all demanding, but usually not impossible to dress. Hubby was complaining of all the naked bodies in the kitchen, tomorrow they will all get dressed, except Colette, LOL, who is waiting for the new clothes. Besides there is a new guy in town, and she refuses to be naked in his presence...Le Sigh! ...LOL, thanks for stopping by, Sandi

  4. I had no idea that there was such a variation in the doll sizes. Something to be said for overlapping Velcro closures and elastic waistbands, huh? My second thought was that Collette is way too fussy and ought to be grateful that she's not left naked in the bottom of a child's toybox with magic-markered lipstick and ballpoint pen tattoos! Or beheaded by the owner's hateful brother! I've sewn more simple 18" doll clothes for grands and find Barbie-sized clothes awful finnicking to sew. Went to a doll show once and scored 2 $3 gallon baggies of clothes for grands. Washed, starched, ironed, mended, a few new trims sewn on....they were a hit!

    1. 90% of my doll's clothes are thrift baggie sorts, and ebay lots. I repair tons of clothes, more often than not, they are just fine. Honestly stuff, just looks odd on her. Next post, promise!

  5. Hello. I'm a new reader to your blog (I think I haven't commented before). Someone recommended your blog and I subscribed. I'm planning to learn to sew this summer, so I'm really looking forward to see some patterns.

    Hope you have an amazing rest of the week.

    1. Oh, hi, 'monster'...I caught some of your cuties. I think we met through YEYE...Thanks so much for joining. I will be a bit slow on the sewing, but will post for sure this and that. Right now my doll room is getting sewer and water....Yay, for painting which will be great! Sandi

  6. Hi Sandi... You have a wonderful stock of fabric! That last colorful piece of material is spectacular. I'll be anxious to see what you make with that one! You know, you're really spot on describing the problem with doll patterns. Unless you have the exact same body as the person who made the pattern, alterations must be made. It is surprising to see how many different body types there all within one "family type." That's why the body comparisons like the one you did here, are so important! I have the Model Muse girls and most still have their original bodies. After all, they are the original "fashion model" which is better suited for me than for those of you telling stories. (I hadn't thought about that until you mentioned it). You are right to say the body poses a problem, however. I have no problem making clothes for them as long as I draft a pattern. But draping a pattern is a challenge because, they all have hips that tilt to one side or another. And.... their the spread of their hands initially prevented me from making anything but loose fitting sleeves! It was only after I started making clothes for the FR girls, then refitting them for the Barbies, was I able to make better clothes. I love the jazz singer. Can't wait to see what you make for her!!!

    1. Yes, it is crazy how different they are. Someone in my doll club says she wraps hands in saran wrap to slide into clothes. I hope I can get to some sewing this week, I have lots cut out. Surprisingly I ended up using vintage pre 70's patters, as those were actually the closest to her top but I will have to watch the bustline. And yes, model muses, look great standing---but that's it. The Fr's are a problem as barbie's hands dont' remove, well they emove they just don't go back in, LOL. Thanks for stopping by! Sandi


Thanks so much for each and every comment, and I will try and answer any questions you may have.