Colette and Gerard: A Partnership?

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Partnerships: Lost or Gained

Emilie: Zay have been gone a long while, agree?

Ella: I should say so, it is only 30 degrees out there. Callie must be freezing her skinny butt off.


Emilie: Well, it is cozy in here. Ella, how did your recording session go?

Ella: Okay, it pays the bills. Singing backups for commercials isn't exactly top billing. Better than 'nuthin' right now. Callie's been gone over an hour? 


My gracious and the saints be praised,  what ARE they talking about?

Emilie: Memories, talk about zee jazz venues, music, life, love and loveen in Paree.

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Emilie: Zay have a long heestory, dos two, busie-ness and private.


Sometimes, one cannot choose between love and busie-ness.


Ella:You said a jaw full, Emilie. (Sigh)


Gerard: So Baby, what do you think about our working together again?

Colette: Do NOT call me baby, I'm no one's baby including Mama's.


Jamie: Excuse me folks, would you like anything else, before I shut down the kitchen?


Gerard: Callie, anything you want?

Colette: No, thank-you, Jamie.


Gerard: No, thank you, we will clean up after ourselves, if you don't mind, we'll be sitting here a while longer. 

Jamie: No problem, continue, the security lights should come on at any moment, g-nite!


Colette: I'm getting cold, let's finish this. So, the lease on the studio is for how long? And, how many others will you be representing?

Gerard: Two years, selling my interest in the club in Paris was profitable. I did it just before the pandemic hit. If we had waited to leave, we both would be broke.

Colette: And, my contract will only be for a year with options and opportunities to change the terms. Any bookings for 2022, will not be under the terms of this contract.

Gerard: Agreed.


Colette: Can you keep our arrangement, business only? 


Gerard: Callie, I'm sorry for what happened, I've repaid you all that was owed. I just want to manage your career, for a fresh start. The US is tighter on business practices, I won't let anything get out of hand again.


Colette: I miss the work, the music, the excitement, the audiences, I miss it all, except us. I'm ready to go---have the papers sent to my lawyer, and I will sign for one year, starting January 1st. 

I will be singing at the Tree Lighting in the Park on Thursday night. I won't need an accompanist. 

Gerard: Anything you say, that's a great idea. 


Gerard: (Like everything else in 2020, the past belongs in the dumpster.)What are you going to sing? (He turns around) Man, she's already gone.


Gerard: Not even a good-bye or a thanks for the cocoa, or how we used to be fun. I really miss your smile, goodnight, Miss Deveraux. 


(From upstairs, Colette peers out the window) 


Colette: Well, Callie Devers---it's up to you to keep it about the music...
            (humming....The man that got away.....!)

Setting: Remodeled, Mattel Grand Hotel, holiday decor from Trish's Garden Center(ME), table-altered metal candle holder and 'steel' stikum paper, chairs, Mattel painted.

Ella: Mattel Ella Fitzgerald, top-sewn by me, pants, Mattel

Emilie: Society Hound-Greyhound. Clothes are Mattel pants, and a Sparklez top.

Colette/Callie: Mattel Jazz Baby, sweater -China-gift Windy City for Barbie Anniversary, slacks (sewn by me).

Gerard: Fresh Dolls, pants and shirt Fresh Dolls, jacket vintage Mattel Ken

Jamie: Backstreet Boys 1990 Hasbro, clothes this and that. 

masks: me

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  1. Here's to new beginnings!(Even if it looks like they do still have feelings for each other:@) Love the little gingerbread house in the window at the bake shop, your scene looks very wintery!

    1. You have such great eyes, I have to take some photos of just the bakery...keep wanting to take the hotel down and do new lighting...tired of feeding it batteries. Hope you are having a great season, I'll visit today and catch up. Still not getting notifications! Sandi

  2. Ah, you are a 'hopeful' romantic. I'm so far behind...hope you are having a busy and happy holiday season, Linda! Sandi


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