Purchases from the Convention

 Shopping at a convention-Phew!!!

---when you volunteer and commute at a convention your shopping time is very limited. I should have bought THESE...would be a much larger post.

Sigh! I was also facing a 16-day road trip out west after convention---and I knew the budget would be blown there also. So I went with a mental list, and tried not to be dazzled.

So,  I ended up with "Hedging Buyers' Remorse" I looked for my grails, but when I found them, exhaustion and price tags made me hedge. When I went back later they were gone. 

Honestly I only made it around one of the hotel floors. Things I was looking for: brown shoes (cowboy boots) qualified, this 'Raiders' hat... and a fab vintage jacket for Ken with a working zipper! YAY! Ken socks in excellent condition.

Diorama pickings were a bit scarce or 'out of $ight ' top of the line. One room had lots of deals/liquidations---and these bags of vintage dishes/food were just what I was looking for---super cheap and lots of odds and ends. $2 a bag---what is one person's junk was gold for me. The problem with being a thrift store shopper is anything else looks VERY expensive.

I finally sorted them out to see what I ended up with. Love the white coffee pot and kettles, also matching plates for 4 with 6 cups...some nice tools. I was really looking for anything that wasn't PINK...blech.

Blues were on my list, too. Some really sweet teacups/saucers, trays another unusual coffee pot, some very vintage cups, etc.

These Teal blue items were interesting. Much higher quality than the dishes available now, other than REMENT$$$$$$$$, which is out of my budget. My goal is to have have every one of my diorama refrigerators full and every kitchen outfitted for the people living there. Stuff does no good sitting in bins and boxes. Nor is it fun to have to outfit a room every time you want to take photos.

The beiges were actually I think from the Burger King Set, also some baby trays, and some vanity pieces. The blue mixer was new---but only $6 and no shipping, wish I had picked up a few more of these. Sindy really needed a blue mixer!!!! for the bakery.

Some very vintage vanity pieces and some candles were mixed in. I actually marked the white set with gold and used it on the Art Deco Vanity photos in the last post.

More room sales finds---blue  and purple shoes. Browns were basically elusive.

Room shopping and the Sales Room were out of this world. Convention Friday  we were given a $60.00 credit toward anything in the sales room for the next day. Of course tired or not---$60.00 free---I had to go look. So, my grails were gone, so I shopped for Ken clothes and if something else caught my eye

I really wanted some Ken clothes, picked up a NIB sweater/pants set with BROWN boots...Yay. I really loved the Fashion Avenue set for Barbie, FA quality is just so special.  And, an almost complete vintage  "Victory  Dance". Every Ken should have a blue blazer!!!

So you can see I kept on budget, and still found some great items! 

Have you every had, 

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  1. Looks like it was a successful convention shopping trip! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm!

  2. Love all of the Ken clothes! All I want is nice, solid colors and styles that real people would actually wear... Yay for the $60 credit, very nice shopping with found money:@)

    1. Oh, thanks, I know that was mostly what I was looking for! Sandi

  3. Great treasures! I SO agree with thinking that anything that isn't a thrift price (or 70% off) is too expensive. I hit one doll show years ago where gallon bags of B clothes went for $3, evening gowns were .50, etc.; granddaughters (his and mine) received new laundered and even ironed STYLE! I was after 1/12 scale dollhouse stuff and can't remember a thing I bought for me! Do you cut silver foil paper to fit your mirrors or paint them silver?

    1. Hi, Kathy----those big baggies of clothes have seemed to have dried up here. On the mirrors, I use mirror paper, and large pieces metal mirror sheets with stickum on the back! Works fine and don't have to worry about dropping or little ones playing with anything! Hugs, and thanks for visiting! Sandi


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