Vickie's Vintage End of the Season?:At the Bijou Part 1

 It's Friday night, and this HOT Summer has flown by. Our weather is still hot and we are almost empty down here in Vickie's Resort Wear land! But, Vickie's Vintage still has some great BUYS FOR GUYS. So come on down to Vickie's Vintage Lower Level,  Saturday is our last day for OUR SUMMER SALE! 

This is EL, come see us tomorrow at Vickies' Vintage Lower Level Resort Wear~!


EL: Hmmm, now let's see Twitter, U-tube, Facebook, website, Pinterest, hmmmmand send to all!.....bzzzzzzzzzt! Done.

I can't believe we have to start shifting everything for Halloween---I hope we have more than a week, so much stuff is piled in the stock room. 

BZzzzzzzzz! Hmmm, it's Vickie, she's coming down later to discuss the merchandise move.


We definitely still have stuff left for guys.

A bit later...

EL: Hi, Rehyna, did you find everything you needed today? 

Rehyna: Well, if we keep having this hot weather, maybe I'll need some more clothes. I saw you are only going to be open down here another day for the sale.

EL: True, but, we will move some items upstairs and then it is time to get ready for the Halloween Dungeon again. 

Rehyna: Oh, wonderful, I think the Grand View is having a Halloween party for the residents. See you, soon when you open the DUNGEON....(chuckle).


Lucy: Oh, I love all the fun colors from this summer. I can't wait for the Halloween shop.


Vickie: Hi, Ladies. Looks like you found some great buys. Thanks for coming in! Tuesday we will have new Fall merchandise in upstairs.

Rehyna: EL, takes great care of us---and you always have fabulous stock, see you then.


Vickie thinking: (EL seems to have everything  under control. She's right, there is very little merchandise left for the gals. Hmmmm, I wonder if this unit will fit upstairs? I'm sure glad we put it on rollers and then we can bring it up in the freight elevator.) 

Vickie: EL, do you think we can use this unit for  Fall GUYS stuff upstairs? 


EL: Sure, it's not in my plan for Halloween. That would be great if we can keep the guys coming in---and not lose our momentum. I just sent out a last call to social media for the Sale. Hopefully many will show up tomorrow and we will have good sales, so we will have less to move.


Vickie: Great! Let me see how the girls are doing upstairs, and you have really done a great job down here this summer! So, Monday is a work day and we will move this monster upstairs and you can fill me in on your Halloween plans!

EL: Great, I'll run the register tapes now and get closed up.


Upstairs, Vickie surveys all the work Carly and Zoe have been doing.


Carly: After pulling all these clear shelves out, we definitely have more room for Fall boots!

We pulled most of the summer sandals out, but they've been selling. It's been so hot!


Zoe: I've got the white pumps to put upstairs that were left. 

Vickie: gals did a cool job, I like this better than staring at boxes. 


Carly: Boxes do take a lot of room---but we sold SO many! I wish we had more neutrals though. That is what the Fall websites and magazines are showing!


Vickie: I know what you mean, neutrals always sell.

Zoe: But, in Spring the Fall runways were full of I think we have a good balance! 


Vickie: You girls have gotten so good at these shelves! You are going to be busy keeping it full!


Zoe: Carly did that top shelf---those items won't last long! 


Vickie: It looks great and I hope we have a good Fall. 


Carly: Well, I'll drag these to the store room, and we can bring out the carousel again.We have that switched out to transitional before Fall. With this hot weather it might be hard to sell boots and jackets?

Vickie: True, but we are supposed to have a little break on Sunday. What is that mumbling I'm the music speaker still on? Is there someone upstairs?

Zoe: I'll check when I take up these boxes.

Vickie:I heard something earlier, maybe next door left music on or something.


Zoe: No one up here, I'm turning off the lights and checking all the circuits, I don't hear anything from up here. Tomorrow I still have to dress the Fall mannikins tomorrow, but it's so late!

(The girls all get ready to leave together. It's Friday night and it's pretty late...! _

EL: Do you know what the history is on this building...I know it's old, but how old?

Vickie: Well, I know it was a grocery at one time in the 1880's, then a drugstore. This whole block was built between 1872 and 1880's, after the Chicago Fire. I guess it was a speakeasy during Prohibition, but then everything was. Why, do you ask?

EL: Just the freight elevator has been a bit dicey, was wondering what it was used for, and the tunnel behind the furnace room? 

Carly: I know the elevator stuck on me the other night. I think the tunnels are how they got their booze from place to place? This whole area had tunnels according to my dad. He works for the telephone company and says they string cables in some of the old tunnels where they moved coal and garbage.

Vickie: Hmmmm, well enough Northside history. And about drinking, anyone up for a pizza and some treat?

Me! ME! Me!

EL: You are at the best boss Vickie! 

More to Come!!!
This is part 1 of "At the Bijou"

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  1. Very fun! Looking forward to your Halloween posts, ~sounds~ like you have something spooky in mind:@) Also, lovin' Carly's outfit... I so wish they would make more clothes that 'real' people would wear.

    1. Hopefully a way to weave some history in. Carly's is a fashion Avenue bodysuit, and I made the skirt from legs from Bratz pants found in a bundle!


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