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Dear Readers a quick how to---

After over 5 years, the walls in the Resort/Halloween shop had been used multiple times---the original Skeleton's Bash, Vickie's First Shop, then the Basement Resort shop. Where it was located in the dollroom  semi-permanently, I kept bumping into it...and well, it was getting rickety. So in the spirit of REDO and REUSE, I decided to reinforce the walls and cover them in contact paper.


First thing I did was cut apart all the corners, salvage the door way (working doorways are a pain to make) and clean up/remove all the tape and left over bits. I then decided to lower the height o the walls to 16", so that was 4" cut off, so I cut all the pieces to this height.

Taking new $$STore black foam core, I took each old piece and copied the size, and cut new ones. Doubled, the foam core seemed very strong, so I then taped all four edges with 'duct/k tape' in white.


Apparently I had at some time even tested paint on the backside of this piece. I DIDN'T use spray glue-or wet water-based glue---mostly because of fumes on the first, and warping on the second. Tape would have to do the whole job.


This white duck tape has the thinnest of threads in it, which makes the texture subtle.


Here you can see the new thickness easily equal to the thick foam core that is now running about $7 a sheet. So two $$$ store sheets are just $2.50---SCORE a $avings of $4.50 a sheet.

Then I covered the new front side completely with contact paper with a generous overlap.

Working slowly, removing the strippable backing about 4" at a time and rolling my hands across the surface to smooth. I buy name-brand large rolls of white semi-matte Contact paper at hardware outlets or Walmart. This has the nicest body and usually better coverage than cheap brands, so costs about 30-40 cents a foot.


The door panel was weakened by so many years of usage, so I totally faced it solid. the black area in the middle will have a photo print applied to look like a hall stairway. The new piece was again black, so I faced this after taping with the white contact paper.


I left the top part blank as I'm doing a build out for the EXIT sign with another piece of white wrapped foam core.


Here is the walls are taped together on the back side into a trim-fold. The walls that went under 'storyline construction were done in a subtle pattern---reason being they are patched walls in the storyline, and I ran out of pure white. This pattern is from $$store rolls, and was just as opaque as the name-brand. SCORE.

The EXIT sign was placed on a raise small piece of foam core covered in black vinyl paper--$$$STORE.

The corners on the backside are taped in white duct/k tape. The back bottom edges are taped with packing tape, and easily removed if I wish to pack these pieces away-FLAT. The old floor is an old piece of  thick foam core I have resurfaced with a sheet of dull silver poster board (Michaels)

 I do love how silver posterboard photographs and looks like concrete. The edges of the floor are wrapped in silver/duct tape, giving it a tight surface to wrapping tape the walls to. 

TIP: Make circles of your floor/base materials to match the bottom of your doll stands giving a seamless look to your photos. These can easily be changed out from wood to concrete to grass. I keep all the discs in a small box near my stands. A little double stick tape and your doll is standing on the base you choose.


Tools and supplies used for this project. If you only buy one expensive tool---buy a long square for doing walls-silver on the right---this saves so much sanity!


 Two thickness foam core is a great way to use old pieces with new. If made from all new product the cost would be approximately

Floor 20 x 30"- 2 pieces of 20x30 foam core   2 x $1.25. =$2.50
           20x 30 - 1 piece of silver poster board  1 x $1.25  =$1.50

Walls 20 x 16"- 4 pieces of 20x30 foam core  4x $1.25  = $5.00
          30 x 16 - 2 pieces  of 20x 30 foam core 2x $1.25 =$2.50

You will have lots of nice left-over pieces to use for fixtures/furniture if you wish. Scrap pieces used for the back of the doors frame.

Contact paper  90-100" total  if using $$ store contact paper 2 rolls @ 1.25 = $2.50

Tape, shiny silver tape for exit doors and edging flooring, you can use silver duct/k tape    20 feet for under 50 cents

White duct/k tape 40 feet under $1.00

clear wrapping tape   Cents

New construction Total Under $16.00 for an entire room. 

My reusing floor and wall  pieces reduced this to only 3 pieces of new foam core,  so my. total of new product was under $8.00. Not leaving the house IS -----$$$PRICELESS!$$$ 

UPSIDE purposes of the contact paper----you can easily double stick tape anything to it, and remove it. The entire room could be covered with wrapping paper, or scrap book  wall papers---to use as another space and then easily removed. Shelving or framed artwork can be double foam-stick taped to walls and removed. 

I can't wait to move into the freshened Resort/Men's Shop
 into the NEW ROOM.


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