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A week ago,  the owners and staff of Vickie's and Trish's met with Russell the General Contractor and Vanny from BMR Ltd. discuss the upgrades and changes that have been made to the stores, out buildings and parking lot in back.

Russell: Thanks for gathering here at Vickie and Joe's. I just don't want you to be surprised with some of the changes we had to make in the lower level shop. We had to lower the ceiling in order to do all new electrical. The stairway to the lower level had to be brought up to code, and an exterior stairway has been added to the back loading dock. 

I'm turning this over to Joe now.

Joe: ( From the back) The tunnels after inspection ran through this block of buildings and across the street. An exit to the park lagoons was discovered in a hill hidden away. All the tunnels have been blocked and/or filled in. Channel 7 will be doing a special later next month about them and the victims found in the tunnel under Trish's and next to the wall that caved in the lower level of Vickie's.


CPD has closed the case out---and the details will be in the TV special and later in the Star. When the stores are open, please don't discuss any of the uh-m-mm, supernatural  stuff you thought went on. The department believes the electrical issues and the unexplained sounds were caused by the earthworks failure, as well as the wall, exploding

Zoe: Is it really safe to go downstairs now?

Joe: Yes, the City has filled in all the weakened structures of the cave-ins, and the tunnels on the block no longer exist. 

Russell: And, the walls have been totally rebuilt as well as new ceiling beams and ceiling. There have been lots of structural changes, and the bbuilding will last for another hundred and fifty years.


Carly: Did the heat get fixed, too?

Vanny: Yeppers, it sure did. You'll have all new ducting, a new furnace and air conditioner for the lower level, safety doors on the elevator and new wiring for that also.


Trish: May I pull my delivery truck up now, and get deliveries? It's only 3 weeks until Valentine's Day and we've already lost months of sales. St. Charles has been so many miles to travel everyday, I don't even know what my new apartment looks like.


Russell: As of tomorrow, everyone is okayed to move back into their buildings.  I have a small list of things to be done yet, which should take a day or two, but my guys won't really be in your way at all. So Ladies, tomorrow is moving day as far as BMR, CPD, and the City of Chicago are concerned. Everything has been inspected and is ready to go.


Vickie: Finally we can open on February 1st.  I'm so sick of staring at a computer screen.

EL:I'm sick of shipping packages.


Vickie: So if there isn't anymore questions, I'll order pizzas and let's make a plan for tomorrow. Trish do you have enough help?  

Trish: My brothers will be taking care of the workshop and I have a new girl starting in two days to help with the shop.  We aren't going to set up the greenhouse yet with the snow and cold temperatures forecasted. Can we order a Veggie Pizza?

Russell: Pizza Pepperoni, sausage and bacon for me...none of that green stuff.

Joe: Who want's a drink? I'll bartend! 

(To Be Continued)

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  1. I'll have a slice of veggie! Glad the shops are getting ready to open back up, looking forward to seeing them:@)

    1. It's been a busy week, and Pizza sounds good. Was fun getting back to the dolls! Thanks for visiting! Sandi


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