Thanksgiving Prep in the HFIM house

The HFIM house is a-bustle. With lousy weather forecasted for the holiday weekend, these Chicago millennials are either working or sticking close to what is now home in the HFIM house. 
Anyway...they are ALL family ----sort of. 

Only a few days away and the girl's are getting a heads up on the prep for Thanksgiving.

Barbie is using the new mixer for cornbread muffins, while Sindy gives her encouragement.

Plenty of butter and fresh corn for the muffins.

Chelsea is cutting apples for pies.

Rory asks, "What else do you need from the fridge besides cream and eggs?"

This is the last turkey dish, rolled turkey breast with stuffing inside. I just need the chilled veggies.

Doctor Ken:I'm getting ready to 'operate' on the grill. I'm in charge of roasting vegetables. What's that, Monnie. 

Monnie: Just the vegetables and stock for gravy. It's chilled now to make stuffing.

Sindy: Thanks Monnie, I needed that, is Ken working on the veggies?

Monnie: He is firing up the grill right now.

Sindy:There the last turkey in the oven. We will be in great shape for Thursday, since everyone has to work the day before. You can never make too much ahead.

Raquel and Belle are folding napkins for the table. If everyone is here on Thursday we will be over 20? We will have to eat in shifts.

Elsa: The centerpiece is lovely, Mulan. You did a great job using everything we already had from the yard. In Sweden we use wheat, cranberries and apples for seasonal decorations, and candles, lots of candles.

Mulan: We do too, in Northern China...the table needs to be straightened. We will have to wait for the party on Thursday. Meanwhile we will have to all eat in the kitchen. 

(NOISE from the living room---another fumble or bad call?)

Nemo:NOT FAIR! Bad call ref, bad call! 

Aidan: HORRIBLE CALL, it was in! 

What a game....I smell food...

That's it for today---anyone up for Pizza?

(to be continued for Thanksgiving)

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