Thanksgiving Goodness in the HFIM House!

Rory: Kevin, are the veggies almost done, everyone is sitting down. 

Kevin:Just about, you can take this bowl in, I'll be right there.

Ryan: We are gathered here today, to give thanks and share our blessings. Thank you for the roof over our heads and the plumbing that is working now. Thank you for the food we are about to share and for our 'family and friends' we are sharing it with. Now, let's eat.


Aidan: Is this the kid's table? 
Joe: I don't think so. Please pass the potatoes.
Vickie: I never would have thought we could get 26 for a sit down meal here. I kinda like it here in the livingroom with the fire going!


Sindy: Kevin, this was a great idea to grill the veggies, that corn looks scrumptious.

Kevin: That's nothing compared to this turkey and dressing. Dang, Sindy you are the best cook. 

Sindy:All in a days work, I'm saving room for pie, though.


Barbie: Chelsea and I and everyone here at the HFIM house want to wish you all Happy Thanksgiving and thanks for viewing our celebration.

Patrick: Pie, where's the pie!

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