Getting ready for Black Friday in Vickie's Vintage

Thanksgiving morning, Vickie, Zoe and Carly are putting the finishing touches on the newly remodeled Vickie's Vintage.

Vickie: Carly you did a fabulous job on designing the new mannequin. We will have to call her, Diva, I think.

Carly: Thanks, but Zoe did the shoes and the perfume counter. 

Vickie: That's great, too. I'm so glad we could get all the perfumes and accessories in for Black Friday. I just hope all our customers show up----being closed. I hope we didn't lose them.

Zoe:I think all the handbills we handed out, should help. I just finished the new accessories's wonderful for all those items that tangle.

Carly:Love this mink stole, even if it isn't humane, at least it's being reused instead of a new one being made.

Vickie: I'm practicing my Vanna wrist...ta-da! This lovely pink dress will steal someone's heart, I'm sure.

...and I found some nightwear overstock, that will zip out of here at the low prices.

Vickie:Do you think when Vanna retires, I can take over her job???(Giggle)

Carly: Practice on the boots and purse/belt rack I set up----what a wide selection we have now.

Zoe:I think the shoe rack is cozier in the corner. Now there is actually more room to try on shoes.

Vickie:We seem to have a wide range of ballet or skater wear also. 

Carly: I may have to buy that nightie for my Granny. 

Vickie:I hope we have enough stock for this weekend. Well are we done?

Carly, Vickie, and Zoe are ready to serve you!

All: We can't forget Diva, too. Here's to Black Friday Shopping and Small Business Saturday!

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 I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions
 or products shown, or from where I shop. 

The dolls shown are from my own and the Grand's collection as are the clothes, 
which are vintage, or made by myself. Occasionally, I falter and buy something new.

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Thank you for your cooperation, Sandi Magle

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