Black Friday Week in Vickie's Vintage and a surprise guest.

Vickie's Is super busy, and...a special customer shows up. 

BMRobers: Really, Vickie, I love what you have done with the shop. It looks fabulous. My niece, Lara, has kept me up to date on all your efforts and the recent Skeleton Ball. And, she is my property manager for BMR Corporation here in Chicago. I hope your new lease is satisfactory.

Vickie: Oh my, you are my new landlord. Everything has been fabulous, the heat and electrical have all been repaired. Thank you so much.


Lara:I'm glad to hear that Vickie. Your business, picked right back up despite the close down and all the problems. That coat is gorgeous, I hope I can borrow it, Auntie B.



Vickie: It sure did, this weekend has been crazy, This is the coat I set aside for you as you had requested, Ms.Roberts. It's an original and in great condition.


BarbieMR:I will just have to try it on...oh it is perfect! Thank you Vickie for thinking of me, and setting it aside. It really fits well, and the perfect length. So many fashions are too short for me nowadays.

Vickie:How about this little red cocktail dress that just
came in. I haven't even had time to press it.

Barbie:Oh, that would be perfect for the holidays. I will take that, too.

Vickie: Well, let me just get these wrapped up for you. We appreciate your business and being a great landlord. 

Zoe:That was a huge sale you made Vickie. Who was that with Lara?

Barbie: What a day, that was our new landlord, Barbara of BMR Corporation and Lara is her niece and the property manager.
What a day, and still more customers are pouring in the doors.

Zoe: Thank you so much Monnie, here is your receipt. 

Monnie: The shop is so crowded, I didn't think it could be busier than during Halloween. 

Zoe: It's been crazy----have a great day!


Monnie: I sure will, I will be back after payday!


Sindy and Raquel are busy hunting through the merchandise.

Raquel:I just have to have these pink boots---!

Sindy: Great selections in everything. I was afraid Vickie's wouldn't reopen after that mystery and the close down.


Lara: I love this swim suit, such a new take on a classic. I can't wait for my vacation after Christmas. 

Zoe: Yes, we got a whole line of samples from a designer here in Chicago...they are fabulous with their vintage vibe.


 Lara: Vickie, be sure to call the office if you have any issues. We want to promote this block to improve the entire neighborhood.

Vickie:Thank you both----and we sure will. Hope to see you soon.


Barbara M R:Happy Holidays, Vickie. And I will be sure to drop in, when I'm in town again.

Vickie:Thanks Ms.R, we are so lucky to have such good customers and landlady...thank you again for helping us to open for this weekend.

Meanwhile in the back of the store....


Barbie: I think I might have to have that pink dress, it is so adorable. One can't have too many pink dresses? 


Barbie: Was that THE Barbie, checking out before me....?

Vickie: That was my landlady and yes, THE Barbie...the one we all want to grow up to be.

Barbie: Wow!


Sindy: Was that who I think it was?

Vickie: Yes, great selection, Sindy. Thanks for shopping at Vickie's Vintage.

Sindy: Great clothes Vickie and celebrities, too!


Vickie, Zoe, and Carly all say,
And it's not even DECEMBER...yet.

(next decorating for Christmas)

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