HFIM HOUSE: The Boys are Decorating!

The boys in the HFIM house are decorating, or are they?
*HFIM*Homefor Impoverished Millenials*

Ryan:Why aren't those lights working up there Aidan?


Stephan trying to fix decor:Mostly cause nothing here works very well, Ryan. What do you expect, we are working with Antique stuff...or vintage, whatever. 


Aidan:I think I got it now...just throw the switch again.


Foofy, get out of the decorations!

Stephan:Ryan, get your dog out of the ornaments he is drooling all over them.


Ryan:Foofy, get out of there. Aidan, since you got the garland lights working let's do this tree, quick. The game is starting. You spin the tree around and we will get these lights on in a jiffy and watch the game.


Aidan: This is working great! (Zip---spin---Zip---spin)  DONE!


There, the Design Mistresses should be happy with that---and a little vignette underneath there.


Ryan: I think it looks great now lets get the game on.


Ryan:Foofy get out of there.....someone give the dog a treat, please.

Stephan: I'm too busy trying to get this snowman to work, it's supposed to light up and move.


Stephan:anyone for Ice Cones??? hahaha, I'll fix this little bugger, no matter what.

(As dusk settles and the boys watch the game, more house members show up to critique.


Anna: Oh, I love the lights, we always have lots of lights at home, for winter is so long.


Ryan: Just don't jiggle the table, we are watching the game. Go Bears!

Richelle: Aidan that is really sweet right there, but are there lights that work on that tree?


 Aidan: I couldn't find the plug on that string.

Richelle:Sweetie, those are fake bulbs for decoration like regular Christmas bulbs.

Aidan:Okay, I will find a string, I think I have some red ones left.


Chelsea:This tree will look great with red lights and a place to put my letter to Santa.

 Stephan: Well, I have to go---Richelle come keep Ryan warm....LOL.

Richelle: So, you boys didn't quite finish. We need to get this decorating outside done. Bad weather is coming to Chicago on Tuesday.


Ryan: There isn't that much left, just to hang the wreaths and get the final lights done. Have I told you lately---Richelle, you light up my life everyday.


Richelle: Um, that's a lovely thing to say...Ryan...I'm speechless.

Ryan:Good, then I will ask you this, too, while I have you enamored under these lights. 
I Love you, Richelle, will you marry this impoverished millennial and live happily ever after?

(To be continued...)

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