A Little Vintage, Barbie!

 Barbie is coming up on 60 years old...and she's still THE Bomb!


She's wearing a vintage dress, backwards, it's a cowl neck on the front, but this is a bit more interesting. But, she still is dressing for her age, assuming she was 18 in 1959, so that makes her 77. I wish I looked this good!


My no.3 Has all her original paint--and brown shadow, which is rare. I try to keep her 'actual age' in mind when dressing her. Would even a well preserved, classy 77 year old wear this?


I also keep her jewelry to a minimum, and remove earrings immediately. She has no green ear, as my mother immediately removed her 'hooker' earrings, lol.

I've softened her hairstyle a bit, I had unfortunately cut her hair when I was 13. This soft almost mohair--hair really shredded and didn't stand up well to water play. But her bangs are still great! 


Original pony tails only have hair plugs around the perimeter of the the hairline---so no other option for the hair, other than up.


I love how her expression changes with the tilt of her head.
"You bet, I'm still the Bomb!"

Crazy weather here in she chose a animal friendly fur! 
Dress is undetermined, I think it's from some department store collection from the late 70's or early 80's. It has snaps. 
Sling-backs are contemporary. Faux fur is a handmade unlined version, found as is, no idea of age.

Now it's snowing...we'll have to find our boots!

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