November Windy City Meeting-Midge Bash!

Hi All, Windy City Collectors BDC met in Northlake, Illinois, last Thursday. Honestly these meetings are so much fun!
Business for the night included picking themes for next year's monthly meetings. 

Jacqui shared a quartette of gorgeous 'Harlem Renaissance' to support her theme for one month next year. This will be great to get our creative juices going.

Since the theme was MIDGE BASH,

Merrilee brought 310 Midges----most dressed vintage (most shoeless---for sanity sake) in all the wonderful stages of Midge. It was a lot of fun peering at all those freckles. Seems Merrilee started collecting with Midge and has never let up.

I really couldn't get a shot of all 310 of them. Each one dressed different!--that's 310 doll stands too!

I must say I am partial to the redheads---but all colors of hair look great with Midge's classic pageboy, so popular in 1963 during her debut to the Barbie Family. 
This doll had such a sweet unique face.

Here is a trio of Midges---all with different owners and hair colors. You can really see the difference in their 'matching' outfits, depending on the cut of the same cloth. The stripes can fall anywhere. Sorry the pic is fuzzy---dodging so many others grabbing this shot.

This little Coconut Dancer...cracked me up---she was right up front shaking those 'maracas'.

My favorite though was Midge in these great pajamas...and the adorable bunny slippers. Midge holds a stuffed dog-----too cute.

There were plenty of originally boxed Midges' too. 

I brought my little scene to share. Allan and Midge picking out the Christmas tree.

My Midge (2013-Anniversary) has a Steffie face mold---I wonder why Mattel chose this, perhaps to update her look for the "In the Dreamhouse" series. This Midge has the adorable freckles and real eyelashes, her long hair is currently up, and her bangs choose their own direction. 

Midge chooses a tree with old beau, Allan(1964-66 version)---who hasn't change one iota in this anniversary version. He is so skinny compared to current Kens. 

REDO: Their matching vest and jacket are ornaments from Michael's, with a little creative trimming and glue cover-up---they make perfect coats and vests for the Barbie Family.

How many Midge's do you have?---original or the newer versions? What about Happy Family Midge or pregnant Midge?

If you are a doll collector and in or not in the Chicago Area you can join us in celebrating all things Barbie related. 
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