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Back at the girls' townhouse, a few friends are having an impromptu gabfest upstairs in the bedroom. 

(Top row: Gilly, the exercise instructor  and left, Tereeza (reporter for Channel 7-Chicago).

Lower left:Carly(Assistant manager at Vickie's Vintage, and right: Faizah, a student at North Western in political science.


Tereeza: Wow, wait until I tell you this! We sure had a full day today. Ian, my camera guy and I went all the way down to Peoria to interview this incredible singer, Colette, who is moving to Chicago. 

Lara on left below, manager of the remodeled, Le'Grand Hotel, and right, Zoe, bridal consultant at Vickie's.


Lara: Oh, wow! What is she like? I have only talked to her 'people'. She has a hold on the last apartment, 2A in the Hotel, for a two year lease. If that gets finalized, we will be totally occupied. She hasn't been available to view the apartment, because she was in Paris. 

Remember I showed you all a publicity still?

"Colette takes Paris", 2019 publicity photo.


Tereeza: Well, Mademoiselle Colette is something else. We were kept waiting for nearly an hour, but once the lights and speakers came on, she was 'electric'. Our interview went like this...


Colette: I think deez light are too much, fix pleez! I know not vhat to do with my legs, without my gown is dees?


Colette: How's dees? If I lift my cheenie? Eez my coiffure, how you say, perfect?

Tereeza: Ian had to move the lights around for a half an hour. But, Colette definitely does have charisma. And, she's not rude, just cloyingly demanding. She had Ian panting, before he even got one shot, and it wasn't from activity. She personally ran the interview, and we just madly took footage.


Lara: Well, that explains why I have to show her the apartment in the afternoon. She said, "Mornings were not civilized." I think I will go now, I will have to double check the apartment. The tilers and floor people were in there today---I will have to see if they finished. Have fun ladies. And, I'm looking forward to meeting this Meez Colette.


Tereeza: Wait, then she stood up and background music started somewhere, and she began to sing---OMG, her sound gave you chills. She sang something in French---I have no idea what,...but it had to be about 'lost love' or something. Mademoiselle Colette has an amazing voice.

Then she sat down...blinked her eyes and asked, "Must we have zees questions? I do no questions. I vill be very happy to be in Chee-cogo for sometime. We plan to make very much music here, and record." 

She sighed and we said, thank you! I think Ian bowed.


Suddenly one of her people appeared, and Collette took off her wig. And, she never said another word. 

Emilie: I am Emilie: Mademoiselle Colette 'eez' finished now. Zank yoo very mooch! You may go, pleeze! 


Tereeza: Could you please tell us where and when you will be performing? I really love your style!

Emilie: Mademoiselle does not perform like trained dog,...she zings like zee rarest bird. Will you be zo kind to pleeze go...! 

Zank yoo! 


Lara: Oh, my---! Well, I guess I'm forewarned. This will be very interesting, tomorrow. Good nite! Thanks again, Tereeza. How much footage did you get?

Tereeza: Enough, we will mix with some stills, and she signed a release to use the song, she said it was her property. Colette did say a lover wrote it for her when she left. Her persona is like something out of an old movie---a very old movie. (chuckles)

Tereeza: We had a three hour drive back in traffic and I have only threads of information to write the script. 
I guess---it will just have to be visual...! 
Mademoiselle Colette, was quite the experience...

(to be continued)

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  1. Ha,ha, I think Colette looks amazing without the wig! But it's rare to have nice looking Barbie wigs, so that's fun.
    Happy Super Bowl Weekend:@)

    1. Ha, ha, Lynn. She came with three----a red bob, a blonde MM looking wig and this I will have lots of choices...! Thanks for stopping by!


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