Jacquie's Story:New Diorama

Special Note: I am in no way making light of our current health situations. What is out there, is a matter of life and death. I try to portray my dolls' lives as realistically as I can, and still be entertaining for adults and still suitable for younger viewers. I try to address problems with solutions. Not everyone is perfect, even in a doll world. I took all these photos, before masks were suggested, but they are a family stuck inside!

It's been almost six weeks since schools were closed and all non-essential businesses shut down here in Illinois. The day before Salon Jacquie was to open, Chicago was shut down, closely followed by the entire state because of Covid-19. 


Jacquie and her oldest daughter, Vanessa (Vanny), husband Craig and his sister's daughter, Kimmy, are in the livingroom.


Jacquie: The worst thing was having to let my girl's go, because we weren't even open yet. And, they won't qualify for unemployment, because they all left their other jobs to work for me. I'm so depressed and fearful of what will happen next.

Vanessa: (age 20 is in her second year at Roosevelt University in Business). It's not your fault, Mom. How are you staying in touch with your staff? How about any of your old customers?


Jacquie: Well, not really. All I did today was mark the last shipment of merchandise. I've cancelled the rest of the salon's orders. I can't send this champagne back we were supposed to use for the opening, the liquor store doesn't take returns.


Jacquie: And, what customers? We weren't even open. 
Vanessa: What about your old clients and your girls' customers. Combined, they would be lots of potential clients.  Have you started a database mailing list, or what about your Facebook page? You could start a  business page and stay in touch with customers there. There's Instagram, Flickr, Twitter?? 


Craig: That's a great bunch of ideas, Jacquie. That would keep you from moping around here. Vanny has something there! 
Jacquie: I'm not moping---I'm worried and scared, we invested a lot of money in the Salon. 
Craig: I just got the word from my boss, we will be pouring concrete on a new project starting Monday. So, I'll get a paycheck again, soon.


Craig: And, I'm really tired of watching rerun baseball games.


Craig: I'll miss this little Punkin', Kimmy, here though. Think of my poor sister working at the clinic. She hasn't even seen Kimmy this week, except through the kitchen window.

Jacquie: Yes, bless your sister! Candy works so hard, I just hope she can stay safe at the clinic.


Craig: She says that they aren't taking Covid-19 cases, but sending potentials directly to the hospital. But, Candy's just not taking any chances and leaving Kimmy here to be safe. I don't blame her.

Kimmy: Storwy, stowry! 


Jacquie: Not now sweetie, I think you need to be changed, so at least I can do that. We'll be back in a bit.


Craig to Vanny: Mom sure is down right now.


Vanny: I know Dad, I've got some ideas we can work on to help the salon. I'm going to make it my project to see if we can promote her online presence. When the Salon does open, she will be ready to go full throttle.

barbieoldnnew greenredo

Vanny: I'll put all this stuff in the car, and clean this room up---it's a dump, that should help Mom's mood, too.


Craig: I'm great, I just need to get off my duff, work and quit eating potato chips. I guess we all need to eat better, take-out isn't the best solution. I'll go mix up some homemade Chili for supper and some greens and fresh cornbread, that will help everyone.


Vanny:I love your Chili, but don't tell Mom.You need to take better care of yourself, too, Dad. 


Craig: You help out with the business and I'll get the rest of the kids to help out around here. We'll be fine. With better weather, I can keep working outside jobs. I know we have lots of concrete work to do, and then beams. That should last until this virus is over.


Jacquie: What were you talking about? You two ganging up on me?


Craig: No! We are just making a plan to improve our situation! Like the Governor says, we are all in this together! We'll be okay, just got to work a few ideas, and take care of ourselves, each other, and the kids. 


Jacquie: I know, it's just been so depressing and now we know it will be at least another month. Thank you for supporting me, no--US all, no matter what. Don't you forget for a second, I love you! 

Craig: You've never let me down, and I'll do anything for you, Doll!


Later---Jacquie works on her past client list and contacts her staff to do the same!


Kimmy has an audio on that goes with the TV.


Jacquie: Okay, now I have a database of clients started. Goodness, here's Vera's list coming in. We already have over 200 names between us all to email and look for on Facebook.

Now, you suggested to come up with an upbeat letter with a do-at-home beauty tip. Hm-m-m, how about my mama's mayonnaise hair treatment. That, would be perfect for ALL our potential customers, I'm sure everyone will have split ends and wild hair starting by now.  

Maybe Vera can come up with a great home manicure tip and how to fight those roots. Not too good though, we will want our customers to come to us when this is all over!

Vanny: I'm sure they will Mom. Who wants to slimey-stinky mayonnaise on their heads, forever.


Jacquie: MaryAnn says she will do posts on quick hair tips to hide your over-grown look.

Vanny: There you go Momma, that sounds wonderful. Now, let's get the Salon's FB page set-up, and see how many customers we can find and invite!

Jacquie: It sure feels good to come up with something positive to be doing. I just got a note from Lara at BMR and they have suspended the rent for another month, since I'm not officially open. Yay, another positive.

Vanny: Sweet! I wonder if we could set up a future appointment system, based on when you will finally be open. You could say---sign up for the first Monday appointments, then add days as you fill up...? You can contact the clients later again, to confirm when you will be able to be open.

Jacquie: Hmmm, that might work. I'm so new to this computer stuff. This might cheer the girl's up if they could book some of their old clients. Vanny, you're being such a help.

Vanny: Well, I only have two more courses to take, and I've finished marketing. I wish we could finish this semester. But, I'm really glad to help you, Momma.


Kimmy: Stowry, stowry!

How are you keeping, SAFE?!
What are you doing that is Positive?

Craig-GI Joe vintage 2.00 thrift store
Kimmy: vintage Chelsea doll from thrift store came in a mixed bag.
Jacquie: Rescued from thrift store, $1.99
Vanessa:Mattel Wheel Chair Barbie, 2019 articulated, online, $14.99 free ship

Clothes-everything is vintage I think, except Vanessa came in her outfit.

Jacquie's Family Room Diorama

White foam core board covered with white contact paper.
Contact paper floor
Shelving unit, Mattel vintage, with silver (circuit like) sticky paper on backs.

Miniatures all from thrift stores
Silver end-table, upside down candle holder with contact paper top.
Floral by me, vase-thrift store mini vase.
Musical guitars vintage Mattel, sax from outfit peach dress 2018-19.
Story books, erasers from 5-Below. (6 for $2.00)
Take out boxes, from Shopkins
Coffee table-votive holder
Couch-plastic Mattel vintage from one of the houses.
Zebra chair---one of those chair jewelry boxes---$3.99 at thrift store.
Wood screen--thrift store $2.99
Jacquie's Nail polish---painted wood beads sealed  with acrylic sealer. I mounted these on a small clear plastic(Barbie clothes box weight) strips (gorilla glue) for sanity's sake! 

Nail glitter in bottles with glue-Dollar Store
Hair extensions---(hanging on wall) Dollar Store

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  1. I love the nail polish bottles, they turned out great! Hair extensions-ack!!! Did you find them fairly recently? I'll be sure to look for them. I miss thrift stores... I hope all is well Sandi, take care:@)

    1. Hi Lynn, ty on the bottles, so much better glued to the plastic. Hair extensions were bobby pin long color pieces---I figure, when the salon opens, i can use them. They were dollar store finds in the cosmetics area. Got them awhile back.

  2. caught this link at pink saturday and had to take a look! looks like you've had fun with this, adorable story and diorama.
    really hoping that all those without jobs can weather this storm. stay well. xo

    1. TY Michelle, I've been blogging about dolls since we made a dollhouse for our grand almost 5 years ago, and I got hooked. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again, Sandi

  3. Thanks, Linda. I try to stay current, though sometimes it's hard. We had gorgeous weather here, so we were outside working in the yard, and no doll time! Appreciate your visit! Sandi


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