Jacquie and "Hair Stories"

Jacquie and Craig's early morning breakfast together. 

Jacquie: I'm so worried, we will have to shut down again, if the cases keep rising. Our customers are afraid, too. We've had some cancellations. Vanessa's 
online customer data has helped us fill the cancellations, but for how long?                     

Craig: Honey, I know this is hard. I feel lucky, I know I'll have work through December, at this point. This disease can't go on forever. 

Jacquie: I sure hope not. 


Vanessa: Look what I picked up at our youth circle meeting last night.

Jacquie: I heard you come in, but I was dead tired and already in bed. How many people were there?

Vanessa: Only three, we had a mini-meeting and kept 6 feet apart, but the speaker, Ms. Joanna McGee Bradford was wonderful.

Craig: I hope you wore your mask, and what's in that box?

Jacquie: And, set yourself down girl and have some breakfast.


Vanessa: Ms. Bradford was so uplifting for the group last night, and we Zoomed with another 9 people. These little books are about, "Hair Stories." I have a whole box of them to sell in the shop. 


Jacquie: A whole box...?


Vanessa: Yes, I sat up reading most of these short devotional stories. You know how somedays, your hair just wants to teach you a lesson? Well, some are funny, sad, and thoughtful. Every story shows us how we view ourselves and others through our hair. And, how our experiences with hair can be teaching moments. 

I laughed and even cried at a few, but I saw myself on every page, Momma.  Each story has an interpretation and scripture to help us make ourselves better, perfect for now when everyone is so down.
Jacquie: But, Vanessa, we are barely breaking even at the Salon. How much are these and how are we going to pay for them?


Vanessa: It's the perfect thing for your customers. Uplifting and wonderful for gifts.
No cost to you, Momma, this is my project. I believe in this book, and it will do good for your customers. Just sell them for $9.99. "Hair Stories" is also sold on Amazon, it's a real book with a real message.

Jacquie: Well, I will have to read some of this first. 


Vanessa: Of, course, how about I'll just put a few in the car for you, okay?

Jacquie:I like the cover, let me read the back.

Jacquie: Vanessa, I'll take three, one for each of my stylists, they have been working so hard. And, we will see if they like it and we will try them in the Salon.

Vanessa: Okay, I will put ten in the car for you? Love you Momma, you too, Dad.
(Vanessa leaves)

Jacquie paging through the book: Oh my, I think we have seen quite a few of these situations in the shop, and myself...OH, MY....this is me, right here. 

Craig smiles: Vanny, wouldn't steer you wrong. She sure is your daughter. All that energy and wisdom.  

Jacquie: OUR daughter, you raised her since she was five. I'm losing track of time...I have to go...I'll be late tonight, we have late appointments this evening, so I'll be home after 8PM.


Craig: Tres and I will make supper. How's chops on the grill sound? 

Jacquie: Almost as good as this breakfast, I'm off, and you have a great day!

Dear Reader, 

I always say Ad-Free Blog.  But, let's call this a book review.
I am no way compensated for content of any of my posts.

If you are interested in a wonderful book with a positive and helpful 
outlook in these trying times, 
Check out, "Hair Stories," by Joanna McGee Bradford on Amazon.
You will see bits of yourself on every page, regardless of the color of your skin,   condition of your hair, the place you worship or don't. 
You will find little lessons for life.
You may catch yourself smiling in the mirror afterward.

Hugs, Sandi

**Book cover and content was used with permission 
of the author, Joanna McGee Bradford. **

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  1. I'm smiling already, I always say, my hair is proof God has a sense of humor! This is a nice post, I love the way Vanessa always ups the number of books:@)

    1. Vanessa is a character for sure. The book is adorable and we all have hair stories. Especially now...I cut mine again yesterday, and yikes! LOL, thanks for dropping by, Sandi

  2. Well that's a mighty clever way to do a book review!!! Will check it out. And yes, I agree...we all need a little uplifting right now during these very trying times. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thanks so much...the author is a member of my writing group...and so I enjoyed the process of her bringing a chapter/anecdote every week. Conversations were lively about "HAIR" and something we all have in common.
      Thanks for stopping by and have a great week! Sandi

  3. Hi, Linda. Thanks for was a fun thing to work into Jacquie and her Salon. We need any 'uplifting' thoughts we can find. And, HAIR is something we ladies all have in common---I gave into mine in my 20''s just going to do what it does...LOL. Thanks for stopping by.


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