Listing Brochures - Insane Details!

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Brochures----BMR Ltd. is proud to list two updated historical  properties for sale in northside of Chicago.

Something different today, I made mini brochures for the two remodeled house listings. First I looked up their approximate neighborhood and assessed the possible current value---yikes those neighborhoods are expensive. Draw backs were each property had only two bedrooms---but good thing, each property had expansion opportunities and/or the lower level apartments for income.

(The apartments aren't shown on the brochures due to space limitations)---I'm not totally insane, besides they are very hard to photograph on the floor.

Original photo on the blog.

Designing these full-size in Word, it was pretty much cut and paste. This is the townhouse screenshot, while I managed to lose the original document, this can give you an idea of what a handout might look out. I have left out some information that you would have in RLife listings---because of space. 

Yes, this is an insane detail...but being locked at home gives me the time to 'travel through my 
mini-world insanity'. 

I screen shot the final file and then scaled them on a printing document roughly 1 1/2" wide 12 per 8 1/2 x 11" page--joined the front with the photo page to scale them the same. 
The Victorian was  a bit larger because of the wide shot for the first page and I got 10 on a page.
Just an idea for doll scale 'hand-outs' for just about anything.

Here the Victorian File Folders were made to fit each brochure,with a 'pocket' folded up inside the card stock.

I scissors trimmed the corners of the file folders on the the pocket and top.

A spare drawer becomes the bin for the folders.

BMR says they are FAB!

I used blue for the townhouse folders. The folded white papers are extras---amazing only four folders left after a long day of showings!

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  1. I'm sure the brochures will help the houses sell fast:@) Still lovin' your stained glass door!

    1. LOL,when I was done, I realized I had stepped 'off' the pier...LOL.

  2. Just perfect! Thanks so much for linking up at A Themed Linkup 98 for Crafts and DIY. Pinned.


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