Story: Builder Manager and Designer Check the Building Site.

Russell the contractor for BMR does a walk-through with Lara Roberts(Manager) and Richele (Project Designer) to see the progress on the Townhouse.


Richelle: That's a nice size closet for this bedroom.

Russell: The poles should go in tomorrow, we've been waiting on hardware and flooring mostly now.


Lara: Lots of windows up here, do you have a plan for staging this room for selling?

Richelle: Well, desk for a home office by the closet, mostly just a bed and a comfy chair in that corner. Thought we would do lots of plants in this house with the window walls, flooding all these rooms with light.

Lara: The pink on that elevator has to go. Russell said they are going to box it in with some white panels.

Richelle: Good! I wanted it silver---but dismantling it in winter for spraying isn't an option.


On the second floor the girls check out the new larger floor plan and the bathroom.


Richelle: We have gray and white tile going in the bathroom. 


Looks like they have the walls primed.


Lara: At last the floor is going, this really makes this room useable.

Richelle: We are hoping to have sliding doors here to block off the sleeping area. 


Russell: The doors will be sliders or folding---I have both on order, so whatever gets here first.


Richelle: Oh, I know...I'm waiting on something for every project. We are still waiting on the fire-proof  flooring for the restaurant/bar in the GrandView.


Lara: Where's the closet on this floor. 

Richelle: Just on your right on that wall. I had a custom cabinet made. The floors will be wide white/gray planking. The doors will go between these two posts. And a wall goes on my left.  


Richelle: And behind us a seating area by the fireplace and shelves, and another work area? Everyone wants home workspaces now. So I have one planned for every floor.

Lara: Sounds good, let's go down stairs, Russell has the lights on down there now.


Lara: Wow, this is amazing. The kitchen was always so crowded. 

Richelle: Yes, the addition doubles the space down here, it's a real Great Room now.

Russell: We are pretty much done down here, just some work on the exterior wall and some hardware and trim around the new ceiling.


Lara: I love all the built-ins. We have to get the photographer over here so I can get something up on the website for a tease. The granite is gorgeous.


Richelle: We're using the old HFIM house table and I found these benches at a church sale on the west side.  They fit perfect in here. I'm glad I left the table white.


I have to take photos for staging: plants, books, and maybe some artwork on those shelves.


Lara: I love that it goes so high up? Really gives the room some scale. Any idea on completion date, Mr. Pittman?


Russell: If the weather holds and the shipments all show up--we are scheduled to be done end of next week. But I can tell you more by the weekend. More snow is on the way, and we still have some rock work to finish on the outside. 

Lara:'s the Victorian next door coming along?

Russell: Main floor is done except for some closet doors, and again waiting on plumbing fixtures and a few doors. Everything major is done. But, we could be done by next week, also. 

Lara: It would be great to have both next door properties showing at the same time.
I'll get the photographer lined up for when...Richelle? 

Richelle: I'll get with Trish on the plants and start bringing the final bits over when they are finished. Just a few things to make it look 'livable'.


Lara: Properties aren't even staging anymore the market is still so hot. I already have five people interested in either one of these houses. 

Richelle: I'd love one of these myself, but they are too big for us right now!

Lara: I may have condo available soon at the Grand View, if you and Ryan are interested. 

Richelle: Oh, wow, maybe---we are camping out in a friends' basement and all our things are in storage. We gave up on finding a place, we kept losing in bidding wars. Rentals are hard to find, too.


Lara: I'll give you first dibs, it's good sized one bedroom, but definitely not in the basement!

Richelle imagining:  Great and thanks! (I have two blue sofas at the storeroom, I wonder if they will fit? I know the sectional I wanted for here is out of stock, and back ordered...I'll see what works? Might have to wait until they finish that outside wall!)

Russell: Okay ladies, gotta get home before the snow...let's get a move on.
 (Turns out the Lights)

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