Boxes, Planks, and Paint---oh my!

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SUPER EASY, and More ideas for utilizing things you have. I had several of those little boxes that Michael's and now--the $$ Stores sell for so cheap. I had stolen some hinges from some of them, so I have many of these small boxes as well as their lids to use. They are perfect for a wall display and maybe some future drawers?


I wanted either art or shelves on the one wall in the great room. This wall goes up to the second floor which will be a two story open ceiling over the eating area. Taking some of the wood my Hubby cut for me, I cut in a miter box the shelf pieces to fit the plywood wall piece I had 'stained' with gray paint and water. I wanted the grain to show and also make the foam core (drywall) wall look more permanent.


On the lower right are the 'benches' found in a thrift store that I'm using for seating under the old HFIM table. 


The dining area will be adjacent to this wall unit. This is just laid out to see the most desirable design for my space


I've decided to install everything with double stick foam tape. Sturdy yet flexible and easily removable.


Here's the wall installed next to the dining area. I decided to add a final shelf to the top.


After installation with lots of double stick foam tape, I raised the unit to above the bench height. The benches slide right under the table as well as one under the shelves.


For a very narrow area, this works for dolls moving about the dining area


Here's the 'bones' of the great room now! Really a huge change. Above you can see the poster board pattern I have made for the second floor extension. 
The weather is warm enough today, for Hubby to go to  the garage and rough cut the new floor. Meanwhile, what will hold it up? 

Next:  I need to decide the walls and supports for the second floor for  this level of the Townhouse Remodel.

Materials needed for this project:

5 small wood boxes with hardware removed (I used only the box backs and not the lids)
wood filler -to fill holes left from removing hinges-and      edges of the wood
sandpaper/sanding block-sand and soften all edges.
acrylic sealer- on all surfaces
acrylic craft paint-white and gray or your choice
3/16" luan plywood, or any thin wood you have. Light-weigh masonite might be too thin. (I used-1 pc. 131/2" x 9" and 5 -2"x8 1/2") pc, but cut wood to your size.
Flexible multi-surface glue, like E-6000
Double stick foam tape ( I use $$ store tape)

Tools needed---
square measure, (trust me you won't be able to eye-ball      this.)
miter box and a coping or small hack saw
    (Or you could use multi cuts with an Exacto knife-blade through the soft plywood-definitely not for kids)

mini screw driver to remove hardware from boxes
paint brushes
plastic plate or cup for paint (reuseable)
scissors to cut double stick foam tape

For kids: You could also use foam core to make boxes with tape or glue and cover in contact paper to hold their shape.

Pre-cut the pieces needed with an Exacto knife and a metal square, for your kids.  The pieces can be glued together and then covered with contact paper and assembled.

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  1. Dearest Sandi,
    you've done such a gorgeous work, congratulations!
    Enjoy your month of February
    XO Daniela at ~ My little old world ~ (Dany)

    1. Hi, Dany. Thanks for stopping by, I've been having fun here in the middle of the cold and snow!Hugs, Sandi

  2. Replies
    1. I think I'm officially over the top at the moment. I made set of folding doors for the bedroom today, and a bathroom door. Boring white---but then it is all going to be for the 'family' to choose the wall decor. Built-ins are a big thing in the home market here, the impetus for the shelves and boxes wall! LOL. Hugs, Sandi


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