Tale of Two HOUSES--SOLD!

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The Townhouse and the Victorian are SOLD!

Chelsea: Wow, this is the coolest ROOM! I can see everybody from here!

Barbie: Chelsea, how about this great closet?
Ken: This addition is really amazing.

Chelsea: Can we keep the big bed, I love the colors, too!
Barbie: We will see, okay?

Lara: I think this will be perfect for you, and your bid won!

(later downstairs!)
Chelsea: Oops I tipped over the dishes.

Ken: I've signed the papers, so I really need to get to the hospital.

Lara: Well, we just have to go over the details, on what stays or leaves in the furnishings.
Ken: Anything Barbie decides on is fine with me---except leave out the flowering plants, I couldn't stop sneezing upstairs, and we will need a bigger bed in the big bedroom.
Barbie: (giggle)

Lara: No problem, we work all the details out!

Ken: Great I'll leave it to all, you ladies!

Now, I just have to sell the condo at the GrandView...

Ken: I can see the hospital, a quick jog across the park!

Lara: So, lets get down to the druthers and others....
Barbie: Well, Chelsea is happy with the second floor. I love everything down here. And having two work areas is perfect! I imagine a sectional here someday, but these couches are fine.

(Meanwhile, Chelsea samples some snacks in HER new room!)

Barbie: I do love that Chicago print and the dishes, could we keep those? We never had anything that matched in the HFIM house.
Lara: Sure, and the desk was originally from the HFIM house...Richelle had it painted, but I'm sure that will be just a bit of cost for that.

Lara: What about everything outside? 
Barbie: Everything is fine for now, I'm sure Ken will want a grill back there. We may need a gate to the street, since Foofie won't have her old pen.
Lara: Yes, it's hard to believe we are sitting where the dog area was, isn't it!
Barbie: I know, it's hard to even remember what it looked like before---this is really incredible.

Next Door a similar scene. 
Barbie's sister, Chris and her husband, Rob, are signing papers for the Victorian.

Rob: We've been here for over two years, and sure are ready to be out of the rental.
Vanessa: I'm so glad you two, finally won out on this house.
Chris: We are too, it will be great living next to Barbie. The girls will LOVE it, being so close.

Rob: How about the renters, will they be staying on?
Vanessa: I can have new rental agreements signed and ready for you at closing. We can't do anything about that until then. How about what you want to keep, leave or even change in the house?

Chris: Well, that bedroom set in the Master has to go. It's just not my style, even though it's adorable. I won't need the plants or anything in the kitchen, we have all that. Except for the plant behind me. I'll need to put it on a stand, or the cats will dig in it. 

Vanessa: Okay---making notes. Anything else? 
Chris: Rob, what about this table and chairs?

Rob: Well, it's a bit too fancy for us...the furniture in the living room is okay, but the clock can go. I'd like a big TV on that wall. The girls loved their bedroom the way it is.

Chris: I'm good with that, when can we close and move in?
Vanessa: Sure, we can do all that and we can close next week. So congratulations, you are officially Chicagoans!

(While the grown-ups are working out details, the girls are visiting in the townhouse)

Chelsea: This will be soooo cool being right next door!

Skipper: Yes, and we are right across from the park!
Scooter: And, we can walk to school. 
Chelsea: How, about we go to the park now?

Can we go to the Park?????

(Waving at their mom and dad at the windows, they get permission to go to the park)

Chelsea: I hope the weather gets better soon!

Chris: Thanks, Vanessa. Everything should be great, we can't wait to move in to OUR home!
Vanessa: It's BMR Ltd.'s pleasure, even better when our customers are happy.

(Walking next door, they visit with Barbie and Lara!)

Lara: I hope Vanessa took good care of you?

Chris: Everything went great, we're so excited!
Barbie: We are too, I can't believe what they did to these houses. It's hard to even visualize what it looked like before!

Lara: Well, thank you---I will pass that on to the contractor and Richelle, too, for the fantastic decor.

Robb: We're going to love that open floor plan 
Chris: ...and the great kitchen and having Barbie right next door! We always dreamed of living next to each other when we were growing up!

Outside the family gathers in the yard.

Chris: I wish we had more yard, it's more like a parking lot for the renters.
Barbie: Well, you can always come over here.
(kids) Yay!!!!!

Rob: Even though I'm outnumbered, who is up for a Pizza Date, girls? 

(Back next door)

Lara: Congratulations, Vanessa,  on your first BMR Ltd. sale. Your clients were thrilled.
Vanessa: Phew, thanks. I'm glad they were happy. Now we have to clear these places out!

Lara: Two projects down, and new ones to start. How about dinner, my treat?

Vanessa: I'd love to, but, we have two condo's getting ready to list at the GrandView. Ken's and Alan White's. Problem with all these sales, there seems to be a domino effect.

Lara: That's the beauty of working within a neighborhood---continuous commissions and referrals! I'm glad you are on top of it. Say, put a hold on Ken's, I think I have a buyer already. We can save $$$ on all the listing costs.


Lara: Oops, I have a text from Mr. Pittman, there's a problem at the Magnolia project, I have to meet him. See you tomorrow, Vanessa. And, thanks for your great work!


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  1. Looks like everyone is happy and can't wait to move into their new homes! Cool that the sisters will be next door:@) Still lovin' your stained glass door. Happy Eastertime Sandi, have fun with your Grand!


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