Fun Project: Barbie and Dollhouse size Seed Packets

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I knew I wanted some new seed packets for Trish's Garden Center, which I will be working on this week---since we still have crappy weather scheduled for next week. The weather is Blessing us with a lovely weekend with warm temps and storms, and then below freezing at night again. 
Such is Chicagoland. We are so far behind, so Trish is also.


Anyways...How fun are these? There are slews of dollhouse scale seed packets on the internet 1:12 scale, but Barbie is larger. I finally found a site with very clear FREE packets that I could enlarge for Barbie.


See the Planting instructions on the back...too cute!


Anyway, I tightly screen shot each one off the PDF page, and copied it onto a doc, and then enlarged each image to 200%
example of screen shot at 200%, and then I down-sized them a bit, to fit 4 across my paper (8"), so I figure 175%.
The 25 different packets fit on two pages without big borders. I printed on good printer paper, cut them out and then covered each folded packet with clear packing tape

Free images are always nice, but please do remember to give credit to the generous artist that took the time to do these!

She has lots of cute things on her blog site, many that could be enlarged for Barbie Scale which is 1:6, also called Playscale. These seed packets are the nicest ones I found! 

Tell her....Sandi@barbieoldnewgreenredo sent you! 

What will Your Dolls Plant this Spring???

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  1. Cute! Weather is funny here, cool or hot during day, finally starting to stay in upper 40-50's at night, but I still see 38 on Wed... I have a few plants but haven't put them in yet. Bring on the nice weather:@)

    1. I spent all of yesterday (80 degrees) out in our REAL Greenhouse. We are so far behind weather wise. I just planted the squash and pickles in pots in the GH. It is crazy this year. It's crappy today, so I'll get in the basement and give Trish a hand, lol. Thanks for your faithful visits! Sandi

    2. Popping back... Did you make it to the Barbie Convention? I've only seen one bloggy buddy write about it. Just wondering what you thought if you went:@)

    3. Hi, Lynn. I dropped you an email about some particulars! Thanks!

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. They were so clear compared to others, but always fun browsing! Sandi

  3. These little seed packets are amazing!!! Is Trish's Garden Centre open on Sundays please ;) x


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