Come get your BOO!!! on At Vickie's Haunted Dungeon

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I'm El, here at Vickie's Haunted Dungeon 
Halloween Store, ...

...or as locals say the BOO!! Store! You only have two weeks to get your BOO On! come on down to Vickie's and dare to come into the DUNGEON!

Our newest mascot is Glareabella---a fanciful Mermaid decked out Skelly. 
We have lots of mermaid costumes, 
Pirates and pirate booty.
If Glareabella will let go of them. 

A Huge assortment  of spooky decor, 
and accessories for your 

Potions and creams, perfumes to bewitch even the

Costumes for the WICKED and the SWEET-!
Isn't that what Halloween is all about, 
you get to choose?

Lots of boots and accessories! 

Get your serious or glamorous WITCH on!

If you are waiting for your 'Prince' to show up on a white horse, we have the Duds, but not the Horse!

If you have Evil Knievil on your list, or the 
King Of Rock and Roll....we have that too. 
Cowboys, Cowgirls...Rock Stars and the 
Grand Old Opry...we have costumes for all.

We have bins of tights, tutus and harem pants. Lots of accessories in every corner.

We keep filling the racks with new/old/vintage stock everyday. 

Glareabella says, she'd love to see you!

Come Get Your BOO ON! 
at Vickie's Haunted Dungeon!

You never know what you might be wearing---
I'm El signing off at Vickie's Haunted Dungeon.

Open everyday 10-7, 
except Mondays until Halloween! 

Where have your dolls been Shopping?

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I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions or products shown, or from where I shop. 



  1. A great collection of spooky and party attire! I like your fur lined cat costume better than my Etsy onesie:@) Happy Halloween Season Sandi-enjoy!

    1. Thanks,'s really cute on---I think I can find a photo---lol, have to make some listings for the etsy shop this week, no doll play!


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