Sweater Alert: Vickie and Trish Commercial


(Fictitious commercial Doll Story)

Hi, I'm Vickie outside of my store,
Vickie's Vintage
which is currently closed for unexpected construction. We have a fabulous website you can visit, guys and gals, for the coming holidays. 


My staff is available to answer all your questions and additional information on anything you may wish to purchase, with free shipping until we reopen.
Hopefully our construction issues will be solved soon. 

Just Call or order through the website.


And, we have loads of winter clothes just in time for Chicago's freezing temps, and these new sweaters...are perfect.


Vanny wears a fab velvet trimmed sweater parka, perfect with vintage leatherette silver pants!  We have loads of boots in every size.


Vanny: This is really toasty, and it's 35 degrees outside.


Sandi models an updated beige fisherman knit with fur cuffs and trim. 


Don't forget the sweet holiday corsage touch.
 Winter white vintage pants and sleek beige boots are perfect for your winter shopping.


My friend, Jacquie, who owns Salon Jacquie down the street is ready to walk to work in style.

Jacquie: Loving the white trim, and checks are always in style. And we are ready to give your locks, nails, and skin all the attention they deserve at the Salon. Specials for the Holidays, stop in and see us and make an appointment as a gift to yourself. 


Narissa is new to the neighborhood and is experiencing her first Chicago winter.

Narissa: Sweater Very warm and how you say---cozy!

Guys we have loads of sweaters for you, too. And it's always great shopping at Vickie's Vintage.
Now to Trish, whose garden center and flower shop has also been affected by our unexpected construction.


I'm Trish in front of 
Trish's Flower Shop 
and Garden Center.
Please visit our website, we are ready to take your Holiday custom orders over the phone or online. 
November Special 
FREE DELIVERY in the Chicago area.
We have trees, wreaths, arrangements and all sorts of Holiday decor waiting to decorate your homes for the holidays. And don't forget our outdoor lighting service!.


(All together)

Get Your HOLIDAYS ON at 

Vickie's Vintage
Trish's Flowers and Garden Center
Salon Jacquie

Diorama: Silver gray poster board ground (cement), Bricks are scrapbook paper on foam core, door-thrift find/repainted.
ClothesSweaters found this year at WALMART in NorthLake, IL, CHEAP.
REDO: They have clips on the back that can be removed by sliding a blade tool at metal and glue. Glue is clear and barely noticeable. Lovely materials and easy fit. I also trimmed some of the felt decorations, I may add a snowflake to the blue one. BE CREATIVE!

Vickie's Sweater -Last year Target.
Jacquie's leggings are from another Curvy doll.

Rest of their clothes are all thrift store purchases.

Shoes and boots are new and old.

REDO: Gramma Doll had a facelift/repaint and blonde highlights on her gray. Jacquie and Vanny

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I have not been paid or reimbursed in anyway for my opinions or products shown, or from where I shop. 



  1. I haven't seen these sweaters (yet), cute and colorful. Really love Trish's jacket too:@)

    1. They were at a super large Walmart---! And, Trish's coat is from Michael's a few years back...Hugs, and thanks for visiting---I copied your cranberry mold recipe---and accidentally screwed up my comment...darn. I'll try and go back again on your next post.! Hugs and Happy Thanksgiving! Sandi


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