1980's Fashion Show at Vickie's: Part Two

Continued from: Fashion Show Part One...


Lara: Here is an iconic number from the 1980's. After all the ruffles and glitz, we have high-style simplicity in this lovely dress worn by Richelle. What do you think of this Barbie Fun #7909, Richelle?


Richelle: Purple and lavenders are my favorite, so this dress is perfect for me! (Richelle turns and shows off her figure and the dress).


Lara: My notes here say you have a secret? 


Richelle: Oh, no....does everyone know....??????

Lara: Well, it says here, that the purse and shoes are new and your own?...

(Lara is totally confused---but plugs on as Richelle regains her composure, to titters in the audience and walks off. )

Lara: WELL, next we have Sindy in a polkadot slouch dress in purple on yellow. The original was paired with a chiffon scarf, those simply do not make it for over 35 years. So, she has paired it with a hot pink elastic belt and hair bow, the original color. Updating this outfit, is the warm dark purple leggings and boots. 


This design was originally included in a 20-Fashion Pack from the 1980s.


Lara: It's still very cute and totally applicable in today's fashion world. Thank-you, Sindy.


Now, we will have a few minutes for the next set-up. Please remain in your seats as the lights will be turned off for our finale!


(Distant thumping electronic beats come over the speaker system. Bump, crash, giggle....whisper ---we are ready!)


Stephen: Okay, auxiliary lighting on. Sound check: (Loud guitar riffs.....dials adjusted).

Lara: NOW! LIGHTS! And what would be the 1980's without the ROCKER influences!
Left to right we have Vickie,  Mulan, and Tory ready to perform....!

(Twang, riff, Twang, rifff, YEEEEOOOOOOOOOOOOooooowwwwwww!)


Lara: We have our trio of rockers and their vintage gear! Great sounds by the way!


Tory has the 80's hair, naturally, and she sports a borrowed jacket from Rocker Ken in the 1980's. We've paired it with a 1990's top for the same material and some vintage silver bell bottoms jeans complete the outfit. She could wear this today to any large social event! 


(The girls Rockers play a quick song)


Lara:Our lead singer is Mulan, seems totally out of character for our art restoration expert.

(Mulan raises an eyebrow) Lara: I love to sing Karaoke, Sheena Easton and Pat Benatar, especially!

(Audience applauds) 

Lara: Well, Mulan is wearing a vintage Mattel *ROCKERS* outfit, complete with wild and crazy hair, cinched up in a turquoise headband. 


Mulan: Crazy hair? I think this is perfect for the office. (Audience laughs.)

This is an adaptation of the Onna-Bugeisha, female samurais from the noblest class of feudal Japan and who would fight alongside men during warfare. (Mulan bows to the audience.)

Lara: Well, we never know where our fashion trends are going to come from. Thank you, Mulan.

Last we have Vickie again, sans hat with her vintage earphones, 1980s tribal warfare headgear! Can you imagine they were once really that large? The glitzy denim and sparkles were also rocker choices in the 1980's.


I'm turning the microphone over to Vickie and thank everyone for being a great audience for our fashion show.

(Audience claps)


Vickie: Thank you, Lara. Hi, everyone. I just want to thank, you all, for coming to our fashion show, and to our models who shared their fashions and modeled the shop's fashions. I hope we have given you some fab ideas on how to adapt vintage clothes and accessories into your wardrobes and have fun doing it!  

Refreshments will be served after we take a group photo!


Stephen: Okay ladies of the 80's, everyone tilt your head and smile!

That's a wrap! 

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  1. Love that purple frock. Have a happy Monday!

  2. Thank you.....amazing that it's in that good after all those years.

  3. That purple dress is a real beauty! Can't wait for refreshments! :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.


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